Sony Pictures' Crackle Entices Advertisers With Premium Content and Unique Player That Enables Global Syndication Network

Crackle Has What Advertisers Want... Quality Content with Global Appeal and

the Ability to Easily Deliver Localized Ads

Nov 15, 2007, 00:00 ET from Crackle, Inc.

    SAUSALITO, Calif., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Crackle, a Sony Pictures
 Entertainment Company, today announced the first major round of advertising
 partnerships developed and signed since its mid-July launch. By combining
 its unique player, global reach and focus on premium content, Crackle has
 attracted such major brands as Pepsi, Honda, Epson, Sony Electronics,
 Vodafone and others to the site.
     In addition to its unique programmed content and global syndication
 network, Crackle also offers advertisers sponsorships of channels and
 contests, full screen skins, and media rich 300 x 250 video banners that
 can be instantaneously distributed across the network to get in front of
 the most relevant audiences around the world.
     "We started by bringing the best available content to Crackle and now
 some of the biggest and best advertisers are lining up," said Mike Sitrin,
 Vice President of Partnerships at Crackle. "And by continuing to combine
 global advertising opportunities with the assurance that advertisers'
 brands will be showcased alongside editorially chosen video content, we're
 confident the big names will keep on coming."
     Global Ad Network
     With the best vetted online content as the main draw, Crackle is
 expanding advertisers' global reach, and providing the opportunity to pair
 video content originating in the U.S. with relevant and attractive
 advertising for international audiences.
     --  Crackle has created a global ad network to monetize international
         impressions, and enable international advertisers to reach their
         viewers, in their language, with relevant, localized advertising.
         --  The capability to easily deploy ads across the global viral
             syndication network is the result of Crackle's
             custom-built player -- a player that provides an easy user
             experience and delivers media rich ads to millions of viewers in
             targeted markets within short time frames, making it attractive to
             a variety of advertisers.
     --  Crackle is working with agencies and advertising networks such as 24/7
         Real Media, Adconion and Ozone Media, who sell across international
         markets including Europe, Australia, India and Canada.
     --  With growing video penetration and the demand for U.S. content in
         populated territories like India and Mexico, Crackle is well
         established to be among the first to market with local advertising.
     "There is demand in international markets for U.S. video content;
 however, with current video penetration levels abroad, there are limited
 opportunities for local advertisers to be cutting edge with online video
 advertising," said Travis Howe, Senior Vice President, Digital Sales at
 Sony Pictures Television. "At Sony, we are constantly looking for new
 audiences and new opportunities for our advertisers. Crackle offers
 opportunities to uniquely integrate international brands with content --
 all thru Crackle's new global syndication."
     "We are delighted to have been appointed by Crackle in the European and
 Australian markets," said Mike James, MD of Adconion UK Ltd. "Video is
 currently undergoing huge growth and we are proud to represent what is
 tipped to become a key player in this space."
     US Advertisers
     A slew of major national advertisers have joined Crackle's
 entertainment network, finding unique opportunities to join their brand
 with videos and channels that are germane to target consumers.
     --  Pepsi -- Taking its global restyle initiative to the new Minisode
         Network channel on Crackle, Pepsi branding appears on the channel's
         homepage along with custom video ads and rich media banner ads that
         run across the site.  In addition, over the next few weeks, Pepsi's
         packaging is sporting a "retro" look, featuring a variety of Pepsi
         logos from the past 100 years.  Each Pepsi can features the Web site, which directs consumers to Crackle's
         Minisode Network channel, where they can enjoy classic TV programs in
         an all new way.
     --  Honda Fit -- As the lead sponsor of the Shorts Channel, which airs
         cutting edge short films, Honda Fit will be integrated into the look
         and feel of the channel through a full screen skin, and throughout
         video play lists from top new filmmakers. This relationship signifies
         the marriage of appropriate content with the appropriate brand
         combining Honda Fit's compact humorous attitude with Shorts' compact
         whimsical films.
     --  Sony Electronics/HDNA -- Proving that they can target and link
         advertising opportunities to content, Crackle is enabling Sony
         Electronics and its HDNA marketing campaign to put branded
         'watermarks' on selected Crackle HD content. This fully integrated
         marketing campaign, which already includes Blu-Ray, Sony Handycam
         camcorders and BRAVIA TVs, will now stretch across Crackle's highest
         quality videos.  The hugely popular Mr. Deity series, which has
         garnered over 6 million views, is one example of the type of video
         shot and encoded in higher quality and viewed in higher bit content
         that will bear the HDNA stamp.  Additionally, HDNA will have a landing
         page on Crackle that will serve as the central portal for all things
     --  Epson will be running a campaign across Crackle on various channels.
         The campaign includes both video and banner ads that live next to
         Crackle's cutting edge content.
     "To set Honda apart from the competition, all advertising for the Fit
 embodies the vehicle's personality-city-smart, quirky and vibrant. The
 high- impact Shorts Channel is the perfect opportunity for the
 Fit to engage eclectic individuals," said Jenny Howell, Manager of
 Interactive Marketing, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
     Crackle, Inc.
     Crackle, Inc., a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company, is a
 multi-platform video entertainment network and studio that distributes work
 from the hottest emerging talent on the web and beyond. Crackle's addictive
 channels and shows reach a global audience across the Internet, in the
 living room, and on devices including a broad range of Sony electronics.
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