Sony Pictures Imageworks: SIGGRAPH 2007

'Spider-Man(TM) 3,' 'Surf's Up' and 'Beowulf' Highlight Company's

Innovation and Creative Distinction

Aug 05, 2007, 01:00 ET from Sony Pictures Imageworks

    CULVER CITY, Calif., Aug. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sony Pictures
 Imageworks, the award-winning digital production studio and innovator, is
 set to showcase its diverse range of CG work and digital effects at
 SIGGRAPH 2007, the 34th annual international conference on computer
 graphics and interactive techniques.
     The company will show its astonishing work from Spider-Man(TM) 3 and
 Surf's Up, two vastly different projects, each with a distinct look and
 opportunity for breaking boundaries into new realms of visual effects and
 CG animation, and preview its upcoming work on Beowulf.
     "Imageworks has a 15-year history of providing technological ingenuity
 and creative solutions to the movie industry, enabling filmmakers and
 performers to fully explore their creative vision," said company president
 Tim Sarnoff. "SIGGRAPH is always a highlight for Imageworks and this year
 is no exception. We are proud to present our work on Spider-Man 3, Surf's
 Up and Beowulf, three projects that we know the SIGGRAPH audience will
 appreciate for their creativity and groundbreaking visuals."
     In addition to these critically acclaimed films, Imageworks executives
 also will be on hand to discuss its current slate of announced projects
 which include I Am Legend, Hancock, Sony Pictures Animation's Cloudy With A
 Chance Of Meatballs and three recently announced Imagemotion(TM)
 performance capture films -- Maximum Ride, Neanderthals and the untitled
 feature from Jerome Chen, the Academy Award(R)-nominated visual effects
 supervisor on The Polar Express and Beowulf.
     Imageworks is participating in every aspect of the conference including
 the prestigious Electronic Theater program, Animation Theater, panels,
 courses and special sessions.
     On the Show Floor
     In its tenth consecutive year, Imageworks will present its popular life
 drawing class "Master Life Drawing and the Art of the Dynamic Pose" with
 Master Instructor Karl Gnass, author of "Spirit of the Pose: Sketchbook 1"
 in the Imageworks booth #1414. Gnass has been teaching drawing for over 35
 years and has worked with Imageworks for the past 10 years instructing
 artists at the facility each week in his life drawing class. Topics will
     --  Figure Drawing
     --  Musculature
     --  Dynamic Pose
     --  Spirit of the Pose
     --  Path of Action
     --  Action and Rhythm
     "Sony Pictures Imageworks is dedicated to educating and developing
 talent for visual effects and animation," said Sande Scoredos, executive
 director of training and artist development at Imageworks. "Every year at
 SIGGRAPH we share our dedication to the arts and offer these extraordinary
 classes to attendees of the show."
     Electronic Theater
     This year, Imageworks has been honored with three pieces for screening
 in the jury-selected Electronic Theater: "Spider-Man 3: VFX Highlights"
 (visual effects supervisor Scott Stokdyk), "Surf's Up: A Practical Guide to
 Making Waves" (visual effects supervisor Rob Bredow) and "Beowulf" (visual
 effects supervisor Jerome Chen).
     Animation Theater
     "The Birth of Sandman" sequence from Spider-Man 3 will be a featured
 presentation in this year's Animation Theater program.
     Special Session
     "Spider-Man 3 - Triple Play"
     Wednesday, August 8
     1:45pm - 3:30pm (Room 6DE)
     Digital Effects Supervisors Peter Nofz and Ken Hahn and Animation
 Supervisor Spencer Cook will participate in a special session panel that
 will discuss how for the first time Imageworks produced fully articulated,
 performing CG characters entirely from dynamically generated particles and
 fluids for Spider-Man 3. These digital characters, which embodied
 key-framed performance animation, interacted with each other and with
 live-action characters in real and synthetic environments throughout the
     "Surf's Up: The Making of an Animated Documentary"
     Monday, August 6
     8:30am - 12:15pm (Room 1AB)
     Presented by Rob Bredow, Animation Director David Schaub, CG
 supervisors Daniel Kramer and Danny Dimian, and effects animation
 supervisor Matt Hausman. This session will offer a detailed look at the
 making of the animated documentary Surf's Up and the live-action camera
 implementation, character animation, wave effects, and rendering techniques
 that contributed to the film's unique look and style.
     "The Oasis"
     Wednesday, August 8
     8:30am - 10:15am (Room 6DE)
     "Levelsets in Production: Spider-Man 3"
     Daniel P. Ferreira
     Jonathan M. Cohen
     Doug Bloom
     Chris Allen
     Sho Hasegawa
     Cory McMahon
     "Effects for the Birth of Sandman"
     Christoph Ammann
     Doug Bloom
     Jonathan M. Cohen
     John Courte
     Lucio Flores
     Sho Hasegawa
     Terrance Tornberg
     Laurence Treweek
     Bob Winter
     Chris Yang
     "Rendering Tons of Sand"
     Chris Allen
     Doug Bloom
     Jonathan M. Cohen
     Laurence Treweek
     "How to Build a Sixty-Foot Man of Moving Sand"
     Jamie Pilgrim
     Terrance Tornberg
     "Let's Get Physical"
     Wednesday, August 8
     3:45pm - 5:30pm (Room 3)
     "Dynamic Execution of Tracing of Physical Simulations"
     Jonathan M. Cohen
     "Bend and Stretch"
     Thursday, August 9
     8:30am - 10:15am (Room 1AB)
     "Musculo-Skeletal Shape Skinning"
     Erick Miller
     Joe Harkins
     "Go With The Flow"
     Thursday, August 9
     3:45pm - 6:00pm (Room 6DE)
     "Wave Displacement Effects for Surf's Up"
     Deborah Carlson
     "Surf's Up Beach Break"
     Tom Kluyskens
     "Making Waves for Surf's Up"
     Erick Miller
     Rob Bredow
     Daniel Kramer
     Matt Hausman
     Deborah Carlson
     Peter Shinners
     John Clark
     Additional Appearances
     Imageworks artists will also be participating in educational panels and
     presentations in various booths including:
     Autodesk Booth # 703
     August 7, 8 - 2:00pm
     August 9 - 10:30am
     Character Pipeline Supervisor Chuck McIlvain will present material from
     Spider-Man 3 and discuss how Maya was used in the making of the film.
     Maxon Booth # 617
     August 7, 8
     12:00pm and 3:00pm
     Dave Bleich, matte painting supervisor on Surf's Up, will discuss how
     Cinema 4D was used during the making of the film.
     Side Effects Booth # 127
     August 7, 8, and 9
     11:30am and 1:00pm
     Jonathan Cohen, FX R&D Lead on Spider-Man 3, will discuss how Houdini was
     used for the film.
     About Sony Pictures Imageworks Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc. is an
 Academy Award(R) winning, state-of-the-art digital production studio
 dedicated to the art of visual effects production and character animation.
 The Imageworks production environment facilitates four diverse pipelines
 including live-action visual effects and character work, Imagemotion(TM)
 performance capture, all CG animation and Imageworks 3D stereoscopic.
     The company's achievements have been recognized by the Academy of
 Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with Oscars(R) for its work on
 Spider-Man(TM) 2 and the CG animated short film The ChubbChubbs!(TM). In
 addition, two of Imageworks' most highly regarded projects, the all-CG
 animated feature Monster House and Superman Returns were nominated for
 Academy Awards in the Best Animated Feature and Outstanding Achievement in
 Visual Effects respectively in 2007. With these two nominations, Imageworks
 became the first studio to be recognized in the same year in these distinct
 areas, an indication of the diversity and quality of the company's
 capabilities. Other Oscar(R) nominated projects include The Chronicles Of
 Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Spider-Man(TM), Hollow Man,
 Stuart Little and Starship Troopers, for a total of nine nominations.
     Most recently, Imageworks completed production on Spider-Man(TM) 3 and
 the all-CG animation feature Surf's Up. Among movies currently in
 production are Sony Pictures Animation's short The ChubbChubbs Save XMAS as
 well as the features I Am Legend, Hancock and Robert Zemeckis' Beowulf,
 which also is in 3D stereoscopic production simultaneously.
     For more information, please visit
     "ACADEMY AWARD" and "OSCAR" are the registered trademarks and service
 marks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
     MARVEL, and all Marvel characters including the Spider-Man, Sandman and
 Venom characters(TM) & (C) 2007 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights

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