SourceLabs Debuts New Class of Tools for Open Source Linux and Java

Self-Support Offering includes New Discovery Service, Frees Customers from

25- year-old Support Model

Mar 18, 2008, 01:00 ET from SourceLabs

    SEATTLE, March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- SourceLabs, the company innovating
 open source software support, today announced the first Self-Support
 offering for Linux, as well as a similar offering for open source Java. The
 tools and services give developers, corporate IT professionals, and their
 solution providers a new way to more effectively support open source
 software than large vendors pushing expensive support contracts, enabling
 greater productivity, independence and self-reliance. Close to 3000 users
 registered for SourceLabs' Self-Support Suite with advanced discovery
 during a successful private beta program launched in December 2007.
     "Until now customers have had to choose between using open source
 software without support or buying traditional support contracts from
 vendors at a cost and service level that hasn't always made sense. Now they
 have a third choice," said Byron Sebastian, CEO and Founder of SourceLabs.
 "Our Self-Support Suites together with our social network use
 unique patent-pending technology that enables open source professionals to
 quickly access better information and analytical tools than support vendors
 have traditionally had at their fingertips. Much in the same way OSS
 commoditized the software industry, marking a huge shift in the way
 technology is developed and operates, we are extending that value to
 software support. Our technology levels the playing field and gives
 businesses the freedom to choose the best tools for the job."
     Just a few years ago OSS was primarily used because of its 'freeness'
 and was often limited in scope, function, or features. Today, the world's
 leading businesses recognize the value and quality of OSS software,
 selecting it as the best choice for many mission critical operations. Along
 with the increase of OSS deployments, the means to secure, manage and
 support the code while simultaneously improving performance represents that
 last mile. SourceLabs' Self-Support Tools and discovery technologies
 empower all enterprises using OSS to achieve the greatest benefits by
 anonymously sharing problems, identifying issues and ranking the quality of
 field-tested solutions. With SourceLabs, the world's largest enterprises
 now have the flexibility to quickly and continually adapt to today's
 rapidly changing software and business requirements, without incurring
     "A key element in SourceLabs' offering is sophisticated searching
 against a massive repository of application performance data and issues to
 help rapidly resolve problems for enterprises adopting open source
 software," said Michael Azoff, Senior Research Analyst at the Butler Group.
 "Butler Group believes the Self-Support Suite provides an important level
 of assurance."
     OSS Self-Support: How It Works
     SourceLabs Self-Support Tools achieve a breakthrough in discovery,
 navigation and ranking of the most current data -- both on a customer's
 deployed systems as well as in the open source software code itself.
 SourceLabs' Intelligence Engine gathers information from systems, and then
 indexes, manages, and stores it so it can be matched against a
 one-of-a-kind Information Repository. Taking a knowledge-centered approach
 to software support, SourceLabs combines advanced pattern matching and
 predictive analysis algorithms to automate troubleshooting activities,
 reduce routine tasks from days to minutes, and uses predictive analysis to
 flag potential problems before they impact systems or designs.
     Sebastian continued, "Our technology significantly increases the value
 of open source software. This approach is about economies of scale. Not
 only can we leverage the knowledge of the open source community to identify
 issues, but when combined with our Continuous Support System, IT and
 developers quickly respond to security and performance issues about their
 own unique environment with little to no user intervention required."
     Intelligent algorithms and predictive analysis tools in SourceLabs'
 technology sort through tens of thousands of new data points daily to
 identify the one or two risks or patches that users need to know about.
 Because the tool is quickly customized to the environment and any
 dependencies, SourceLabs' tools take support beyond mere identification of
 problems to both identification and accelerated troubleshooting to resolve
 problems in minutes.
     Pricing and Availability
     SourceLabs' Self-Support Tools are available for free from SourceLabs.
 Enterprise Self-Support Tools will be offered at a limited time
 introductory price of $99.00 per user / per year. Basic support, which
 includes 24x7 global coverage, will be offered for $399 for 1 user and a
 1-2 CPU server per year. Pricing for additional servers is available upon
     To download a free beta of SourceLabs' Self Support tools, visit Please call 206.322.0099 or
     About SourceLabs
     SourceLabs is innovating open source software support. The
 Seattle-based company provides a complete set of software integration,
 testing, support and maintenance solutions. The company's dependable Open
 Source Systems vision proposes a new model for the software industry, one
 that frees software buyers from proprietary lock-in while delivering highly
 reliable software and support. For more information, please go to The company runs the open source Swik project
 that catalogs over 10,000 open source projects for an audience of over 1
 million unique visitors per month.
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