Southland Enhances Emergency Preparedness, According to Hospital Association of Southern California

Emergency Professionals Embrace Launch of ReddiNet(R) Version 4

Sep 27, 2005, 01:00 ET from Hospital Association of Southern California

    LOS ANGELES, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- With the nation still stunned by the
 devastation of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, Southern California's
 emergency preparedness agencies are addressing the lessons learned and working
 steadily to prepare California in the event of a natural disaster of epic
 proportions.  A critical component of State-wide preparedness is efficient,
 real time and fault tolerant communication as evident in the lack of
 communication between healthcare providers and emergency agencies in the early
 stages of the Gulf Coast tragedy.  In California where the earthquake clock
 ticks away and wild fires are common, residents and first and secondary
 emergency responders including EMS Directors, hospitals, ambulance, fire and
 long term-care facilities are fortunate to have ReddiNet(R) in place.
     ReddiNet is the only emergency communications system that can access four
 communication platforms -- Internet, satellite, radio and voice technologies
 for mass communication among emergency medical professionals with speed,
 complete coverage and redundancy.  A pioneer in the field, ReddiNet,
 California's premier emergency medical communications system, today announced
 the launch of their upgraded system, ReddiNet(R) Version 4, in Riverside and
 San Bernardino Counties.  ReddiNet is a highly valuable resource tool.
     "As a hospital emergency department, ReddiNet allows us to easily
 communicate with other hospitals and public safety agencies such as fire and
 police.  During multiple casualty incidents, we have been able to communicate
 with neighboring hospitals, EMS agencies, and track all patients via the
 ReddiNet system, freeing up phone lines and staff resources," said Shelle
 Fetters, RN, Pre-hospital/Paramedic Liaison Nurse Eisenhower Medical Center.
     ReddiNet is committed to enhancing and expanding its products and services
 that have served Californians for nearly 20 years.  More than 300 emergency
 response organizations, including hospitals, regional EMS directors,
 paramedics, fire, dispatch centers, public health officials and other
 healthcare system participants utilize ReddiNet.  ReddiNet gives planners and
 responders immediate knowledge of the situation so they can make informed
 decisions for daily management of emergency resources and during large-scale
 disasters.  This communication tool saves time and ultimately saves lives.
     ReddiNet Version 4 offers the versatility, security, innovation and
 affordability critical for a strong communications network for all emergency
     ReddiNet Version 4 delivers many significant upgrades that enhance
 emergency department management.
     High Versatility
      *  Transmits on a variety of telecommunications channels -- voice radio,
         packet radio, Internet, satellite-in real time; no waiting for
         refreshing screens; provides high fault tolerance
      *  Customizable and easily changeable features to accommodate individual
         network preferences
      *  Allows multiple users to simultaneously manage all aspects of an event
      *  Ability to add or delete channels, functions, and features over time
         to accommodate evolving needs and government funding changes
     Advanced Security
      *  Application-based service ensures better protection against hackers
         and viruses
      *  Encrypted password control; protects authorized users
      *  Private network
      *  Network operations center located in secured location, with physical
         security and coded entry
      *  Redundant power and network connections so there is no single point of
      *  Features new Emergency Department management tool that captures more
         information on patient loads, ambulance arrivals, status of patient
      *  Eliminates over loading of EDs and distributes patient load more
         equitably among hospitals
      *  Enhances the hospital's ability to advance patient admissions
      *  Provides paramedics with real time information on patient transport to
         improve efficiency in the field
      *  Modular pricing offers many options to stretch tight budgets
      *  Area price comparison shows ReddiNet saves an average of 35% over the
     Continuing Education
      *  Personalized and onsite support; professional, experience-based
      *  Continuing Education Units available for clinical staff
      *  Weekly drilling; hands-on participation in local and statewide drills
      *  "Train-the-Trainer" Program and Quick Reference Guide
     "We are very excited about the updated ReddiNet system.  It will allow the
 EMS Agency and hospitals to provide and receive immediate information to aid
 in patient destination decisions.  The new ReddiNet is a much improved tool
 that will assist all of us in managing a complex emergency medical services
 delivery system," said Virginia Hastings, EMS Administrator, ICEMA [Inland
 Counties Emergency Management Agency].
     About ReddiNet(R)
     Founded in 1986 and used by 300 organizations, ReddiNet(R) is a tested,
 proven emergency medical communications system and the only system to utilize
 four multi-channel communication platforms -- Internet, radio, satellite and
 voice technologies.  ReddiNet(R) links healthcare providers with response
 agencies to rapidly assess and effectively allocate critical resources.  For
 more information, please visit
      ReddiNet(R) Media Contact: Pamela Devaney
                  Phone: (858)692-9240
                  Alt. Contact: Cathy Winans
                  Phone: (213) 538-0719

SOURCE Hospital Association of Southern California