sp3 to Provide Diamond Film Deposition at MEMS Exchange

Company Wins DARPA Contract to Implement Innovative Process

for MEMS Manufacturing

Sep 28, 2005, 01:00 ET from sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc.

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- sp3 Diamond Technologies,
 Inc., a leading supplier of diamond film services, equipment and products, has
 been awarded a DARPA contract to introduce its nanoparticle diamond thin film
 deposition process into the MEMS Exchange. This will give MEMS developers the
 ability to make cost-effective use of the thermal, mechanical and wear
 benefits of diamond in their designs.
     "We look forward to the formal introduction of sp3's diamond thin-film
 process," said Michael Huff, Director of the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange.
 "A diamond process is a significant addition to the many enabling processes
 already available to MEMS Exchange users."
     sp3's award from DARPA covers a 10-month project in which the company will
 also transfer a nanoparticle seeding process developed by the Naval Research
 Laboratory into sp3's process flow. At the end of the project, sp3's diamond
 thin film deposition process will be available on 4-inch and 6-inch wafers
 through the DARPA supported MEMS Exchange. sp3 also has the ability to provide
 diamond thin films on 200-mm and 300-mm wafers.
     "DARPA's support for the use of diamond thin films in MEMS devices, as
 evidenced by this contract, is a critical recognition of our technology,"
 stated Dwain Aidala, president and COO of sp3 Diamond Technologies. "The
 properties of diamond make it an ideal material for use in MEMS devices where
 thermal and mechanical management issues are key. By reducing wear and
 stiction problems MEMS devices will perform better and last longer than
 devices manufactured with other materials."
     About the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange
     The MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange is the nation's leading provider of
 high-quality foundry and consulting services. Our 54 individual
 state-of-the-art foundries collectively offer the most comprehensive and
 diverse set of implementation solutions for MEMS, micro- and nano-technologies
 to be found anywhere in the world. The MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange
 customer list includes nearly 600 organizations around the country including
 multinational corporations, small start-ups, leading academic research
 institutions, and government facilities.
     DARPA Support
     The content of this release does not necessarily reflect the position or
 the policy of the Government, and no official endorsement should be inferred.
 For more information about the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
 (DARPA) see http://www.darpa.mil/ .
     About sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc.
     sp3 Diamond Technologies is focused on developing diamond-based
 applications for electronics thermal management, diamond-on-silicon, and
 enhanced cutting surfaces. Based in Santa Clara, California, USA, the company
 provides diamond deposition services, hot filament CVD reactors, and
 deposition consulting services to companies worldwide across a broad spectrum
 of industries.
     sp3 Diamond Technologies is a subsidiary of sp3 Inc., a full service
 provider of products and services relating to thin-film and thick-film diamond
 deposition and other diamond materials. sp3 Inc. is comprised of sp3 Diamond
 Technologies and sp3 Cutting Tools.
     For more information about the company and its products and services
 please visit www.sp3inc.com.

SOURCE sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc.