Space Shuttle 'Pantry' to be Stocked with Trident(R) Chewing Gum

Trident(R) Sugarless Gum Celebrates 25th Year (and beyond...) on the Space


Jun 26, 2006, 01:00 ET from Trident

    PARSIPPANY, N.J., June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- When the Space Shuttle
 Discovery launches this week on its mission to the International Space
 Station, NASA astronauts can once again take comfort knowing that
 Trident(R) sugarless gum will be along for the ride.
     "In the fast-paced environment of a space mission, you tend to reach
 for something that delivers great flavor on the go," said Dr. Thomas Jones,
 a former NASA astronaut who flew four shuttle missions and has written a
 new book about his experiences -- "Sky Walking: An Astronaut's Memoir."
 "Whether working on the shuttle or inside the Space Station, Trident was
 always there, floating right inside my 'velcroed' pocket."
     This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle program, and
 the makers of Trident(R) say they're proud to have been part of Shuttle
 missions for each of those 25 years. The Space Shuttle Discovery is
 scheduled to launch on Saturday, July 1.
     "Cadbury Adams is proud to supply three classic Trident flavors --
 Original, Cinnamon and Spearmint -- for the crew on board this historic
 25th anniversary mission," said Brad Irwin, president of Cadbury Adams USA
 LLC. "We hear that astronauts like Tom Jones chew Trident for the same
 reasons all of us earth-bound gum-chewers do -- because it keeps our mouths
 clean and fresh, it tastes great and, as always, it's sugar-free. It's only
 appropriate that Trident has such a wonderful relationship with the Space
 Shuttle. After all, Trident was the first gum in space!"
     Trident(R) sugarless gum will forever be linked to the early days of
 America's space program, as it traveled with the Gemini astronauts in 1964.
 According to NASA, Trident(R) has been placed in the Space Shuttle "pantry"
 -- along with other popular snacks requested by crew members on Shuttle
 missions -- since the Space Shuttle program got off the ground in 1981.
 Astronauts at times will turn to Trident(R) while in flight to help them
 clean their teeth between meals.
     "America's space program is all about innovation, and we try to bring
 that same approach to chewing gum," said Jesse Keifer, a 'gumologist' and
 Director of Cadbury Schweppes' Science and Technology Gum Center of
 Excellence. "We are working to develop great new flavors and new benefits.
 That commitment to innovation has resulted in products like Trident
 White(R), which whitens your teeth, and Trident Splash(TM), the first
 center-filled pellet gum which delivers a surprising splash of flavor.
 Perhaps these new Trident products will be along for the ride when
 Americans travel to Mars!"
     About the Trident(R) Family of Sugarless Gums
     The Trident family of products includes four lines of sugarless gums.
     Trident is available in seven great-tasting flavors: Original, Bubble
 Gum, Cinnamon, Spearmint, Tropical Twist(R), Crystal Frost(TM) and
 Watermelon Twist(TM). Each flavor can be purchased in 18-piece packs and
 40-piece multi-packs (eight 5-piece packages).
     Trident White(R) is a great-tasting gum that uses a proprietary
 technology to help whiten teeth and prevent stains, providing 2-Way
 Whitening Power(TM). Trident White is available in five flavors: Spearmint,
 Wintergreen, Peppermint, Cool Rush(R) and Cinnamon Tingle(TM). Each flavor
 of Trident White is available in a 12-piece single pack and a 3-pack
     Trident Splash(TM) delivers a satisfying chewing experience that
 entertains the mouth. The Trident family's newest chew is a unique
 combination of textures with a liquid-filled center surrounded by soft,
 chewy gum and a sweet, crispy outer shell. Trident Splash is available in
 two great flavors, Peppermint with Vanilla and Strawberry with Lime, and
 can be found nationwide in a 9-piece single pack and 3-pack multi-pack.
     Trident Strawberry fusion flavor, which includes six sweet and six sour
 strawberry-flavored pieces in each pack, and new Trident Green Apple fusion
 flavor, which includes six sweet and six sour apple-flavored pieces in each
 pack, allow consumers to create their own unique taste combinations with
 every chew. Each flavor is available in a 12-piece single pack and a 3-pack
     All Trident sugarless gum products can be found in convenience, mass
 merchandise, drug stores, grocery stores and other retail outlets.
     To learn more about the Trident family of sugarless gum please visit or contact the Cadbury Adams consumer line at
     About Cadbury Adams
     Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, Cadbury Adams USA LLC, is the
 U.S. confectionery business unit of Cadbury Schweppes plc -- the world's
 top confectionery company (and the only confectionery company to span
 chewing gum, confectionery and chocolate categories), and one of the
 world's leading beverages companies. The brand portfolio of Cadbury Adams
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 Fish(R), Chiclets(R), Certs(R) and new Stride(TM), The Ridiculously Long
 Lasting Gum(TM). Cadbury Adams USA "firsts" include the first vanilla
 pellet gum (Dentyne Ice(R) Vanilla Chill(TM)), sugar-free pellets with two
 contrasting flavors in every pack (Trident Strawberry fusion flavor),
 soft-chew gum with intense breath-freshening power (Dentyne Fire(R)
 Cinnamon Spice and Dentyne Ice(R) Cool Frost) and the first center-filled
 pellet gum in the US (Trident Splash(TM)). Trident(R) Tropical Twist(R) was
 one of the first fruit-flavored gums to lead the fruit category. Our people
 create brands people love with passion, dedication and drive. Approximately
 375 colleagues work at Cadbury Adams USA. For more information visit
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