SPAM(R) Fans Scratch Their Way to Riches; Minnesota State Lottery and Hormel Foods to Introduce SPAM(TM) Lottery Ticket

May 16, 2000, 01:00 ET from Hormel Foods

    MINNEAPOLIS, May 16 /PRNewswire/ -- For decades, Americans have
 continually discovered great new ways to enjoy their SPAM(R).  There have been
 many ways to cook it, countless ways to dress it up, and even more ways to eat
 it.  Now Minnesotans will have up to 25,000 more ways to love their SPAM(R).
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     Beginning this month, Minnesotans will be scratching the newest form of
 SPAM(R) luncheon meat when the state lottery introduces a new $2 SPAM(TM)
 scratch-off lottery ticket.
     Each ticket features a can of SPAM(R) with the world-famous SPAMBURGER(R)
 Hamburger on the front.  Players can scratch the play area to reveal items
 relating to a SPAMBURGER(R), including a block of cheese, tomato slices and a
 leaf of lettuce.  But players who find "SPAM(R)," "Hormel" or fully assembled
 SPAMBURGER(R) symbols will be rewarded with cash prizes from $2 to $25,000,
 with more than 170,000 prizes of $10 and higher.
     The SPAM(TM) lottery ticket marks the first cross-promotion game between
 the state lottery and a Minnesota company.
     "SPAM(R) is a legendary brand in Minnesota and throughout the world," said
 George Andersen, lottery director, Minnesota State Lottery.  "Hormel Foods has
 achieved an almost unprecedented status with its famous product, and we're
 excited to celebrate its success in our newest lottery scratch game."
     In addition to winnings from scratch-off tickets, Minnesotans also can get
 their hands on special edition SPAM(TM) T-shirts at select lottery-sponsored
 community events and retailer promotions.  Tickets will be available at all
 3,200 outlets where Minnesota State Lottery tickets are sold.
     Thirty-second television advertisements to support the SPAM(TM)
 scratch-off ticket will begin airing May 30.  All proceeds from Minnesota
 State Lottery ticket sales benefit the state's economic and natural
     Since 1937, more than 5 billion cans of SPAM(R) luncheon meat have made
 their way to the American dinner table.   The brand has its own Web site, ; its own fan club; its own direct order mail catalog; a
 place in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History, as
 well as the Library of Congress; and will soon move into a new 16,000
 square-foot SPAM(TM) MUSEUM scheduled to open in 2001.
     "We're honored to have SPAM(R) featured on lottery tickets throughout our
 home state," said V. Allan Krejci, vice president of public relations, Hormel
 Foods.  "It's great to think SPAM(R) will become a symbol of good luck to
 thousands of people across Minnesota."
     Hormel Foods Corporation, with headquarters in Austin, Minn., is a
 multinational food products company manufacturing sausages, hams, bacon,
 wieners, canned luncheon meats, stews, chilies, hash, ethnic foods and other
 meat and grocery products.

SOURCE Hormel Foods