SpamStopsHere Announces Dramatic Rise in Bird Flu and Tamiflu Spam Email Attacks

Nov 21, 2005, 00:00 ET from Greenview Data, Inc.

    ANN ARBOR, Mich., Nov. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Greenview Data, Inc., the
 industry leading provider of SpamStopsHere email security solutions, announced
 today that over one million bird flu spam email attacks have been blocked in
 the past 30 days.
     Spammers are exploiting and capitalizing on fears brought on by the
 possibility of an avian flu pandemic.  Two distinct types of bird flu spam
 email have been identified: spam containing virus infected attachments
 (typically masquerading as Word documents containing vital treatment and
 prevention information) and spam containing links to purchase Tamiflu, the
 antiviral prescription drug that is most effective at protecting people
 against the H5N1 strain of avian flu.
     As public interest and media coverage of bird flu increases, so does
 consumer demand for Tamiflu.  Spam urging recipients to protect themselves
 from bird flu by purchasing Tamiflu online has skyrocketed.  Spammers are
 registering hundreds of new web domain names daily for the purpose of sending
 bird flu related spam.
     Roche, the manufacturer of Tamiflu, is aware of the Tamiflu spam
 campaigns, and is warning consumers not to "panic-buy" their products.  The
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns of the potential
 dangers of purchasing pharmaceuticals online, and also stresses that avian flu
 is not a pandemic and that the risk of it becoming one is low.
     "People are jeopardizing their health and possibly even their life by
 purchasing prescription drugs such as Tamiflu through websites that advertise
 using spam," said Ted Green, CEO of SpamStopsHere.  "The risk of receiving
 counterfeit, spoiled, or even toxic medication is extremely high.  Tamiflu,
 along with all other prescription drugs, should only be prescribed by licensed
 physicians and purchased from trusted and reputable sources."
     Virus writers and hackers are constantly searching for new opportunities
 and means of distributing viruses and other malicious software via spam.
 Opening a virus infected email attachment can infect PCs with a Trojan virus,
 enabling hackers to access infected PCs remotely.  Such infections can:
     -- Cause system or network crashes
     -- Collect and extract sensitive data to be used for extortion or
        identity theft
     -- Act as spammer-controlled email relays, thus perpetuating the spam
     Exploiting topical social issues such as bird flu is a common and
 effective practice used by spammers and cyber-criminals.
     "Spammers are registering hundreds of domain names to market and sell bird
 flu medication," said Mark Adams, Technical Support Director for
 SpamStopsHere.  "At one point we were blocking over 150,000 bird flu related
 spam emails per day.  We expect that as media coverage and public concern
 increases, the bird flu spam problem will get much worse before it gets
     About Greenview Data:
     Greenview Data, Inc. has been providing its critically acclaimed
 SpamStopsHere network security solutions to clients across the globe since
 2002.  Greenview Data also created and developed the powerful VEDIT(TM) text
 editor, which has been licensed to over 150,000 users since 1980.  EBCDIC to
 ASCII conversion makes up the third division of Greenview Data, providing
 conversion solutions through turn-key contracting and consulting.  Through the
 growth of its SpamStopsHere hosted service, and exciting R&D projects,
 Greenview Data, Inc. is looking to the future and another successful 25 years.
 Greenview Data is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
     For more information:
     Ted Annis
     Marketing/PR Director
     (734) 996-1300
     (800) 458-3348

SOURCE Greenview Data, Inc.