SpikeSource Announces Service Offerings to Accelerate Adoption of Open Source in the Enterprise

SpikeSource Tests, Certifies and Supports Open Source;

SpikeSource Core Stack and Information Services Released

Apr 05, 2005, 01:00 ET from SpikeSource, Inc.


SOURCE BUSINESS CONFERENCE, SAN FRANCISCO, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- SpikeSource today announced the general availability of the SpikeSource Core Stack, and a range of enterprise support and related services to enable enterprise IT departments to build and deploy open source solutions with greater confidence. SpikeSource is distributing certified open source stacks with add-on functional features designed for fast implementation and easy application management. The company's focus is on interoperability testing and providing technical support to make it safer and easier for enterprises to adopt and rely on open source. SpikeSource separately announced today an ecosystem of open source technology, consulting, implementation and information partners; SpikeSource Testing Services, providing interoperability testing of a wide range of components for ISVs and open source projects; and a set of free testing tools for the open source community. Investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) has an aggressive open source adoption strategy and is working with SpikeSource to support the company's testing and deployment of new and existing applications. "Platform independence is fundamental to our open source strategy and SpikeSource is an important part of helping us achieve that," said JP Rangaswami, Global CIO at DrKW. "At DrKW, open source has always been the new outsource, and the SpikeSource solution enables our engineering teams to focus on client-facing initiatives with the confidence that the bank's environments have been tested and certified, and are free of interoperability issues." The SpikeSource enterprise offering is comprised of the SpikeSource Core Stack, plus a complete range of support services from basic installation support to unlimited, ongoing support of mission-critical systems. The company is also offering information services, including a database of searchable technical information, discussion forums and blogs. SpikeSource Core Stack SpikeSource is offering seven pre-configured stacks integrating over 50 open source components in six programming languages. The SpikeSource Core Stack includes add-on functional features that have been designed for faster implementation and easy application management. SpikeSource has automated the complex process of stack testing, and uses over 22,000 tests running across six operating system platforms to validate each and every component patch, ensuring that any interoperability issues are identified. The SpikeSource Core Stack is free and can be downloaded and installed from www.spikesource.com. A network installer can reduce installation time by allowing upfront selection of needed components. Subscription and Support Services The company offers four different levels of technical support. Each support level includes a subscription update service and access to the SpikeSearch online knowledge base, and is available as an annual subscription. -- Basic Installation Support provides technical support installing and configuring open source components. It is based on 30 days of assistance configuring SpikeSource-certified open source components for use with certified compatible operating systems and hardware. It also includes support for component selection for a custom installation. -- SpikeSource Silver Support provides incident-based support of an application in development or production. It offers a one-business-day response time for high-severity issues, 24 x 7 online issue reporting and unlimited access to SpikeSearch. -- SpikeSource Gold Support provides fast response times for complex, mission-critical applications. It guarantees a four-hour response time and 24 x 7 phone and online issue reporting. -- Premium Support is also available for customers wanting maximum support for their mission-critical applications. Management Tools SpikeSource offers a set of management tools that allow IT departments to continually assess and manage their open source assets. Spike Asset Manager (SAM) creates an inventory of open source components installed on your system. SpikeSource update services provide automated, online delivery of updates, patches and security alerts tailored to the open source components you are using. SpikeSource Information Services SpikeSource information services are designed to give developers and enterprise IT professionals important, up-to-date information about open source technologies, integration and licensing. -- SpikeInfo compiles broad technical information about open source technology. The database summarizes project information and revisions, and acts as a gateway to SpikeSource's build and test results, as well as project downloads. -- SpikeSearch provides access to an extensive collection of articles from in-house experts, and includes references to documentation, FAQs and other information related to supported open source components. -- SpikeSource Discussion Forums and Blogs are where SpikeSource developers, support engineers, and community members answer technical questions and discuss a wide variety of topics. About SpikeSource: SpikeSource is an Open Source IT services company founded in 2003 to help accelerate enterprise open source adoption through testing, certification and support of open source software. For more information visit www.spikesource.com. About Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) is the investment bank of Dresdner Bank AG, a member of Allianz since July 2001. Headquartered in London and Frankfurt and with an international network including offices in the financial centers of New York and Tokyo, DrKW provides a wide range of investment bank products and services to European and international clients through its Capital Markets and Corporate Finance & Origination business lines.

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