SpikeSource Launches Testing Services for ISVs and Open Source Projects

Initiative Includes Integration and Support Services for Commercial and Open

Source Software Providers as Well as Free Services for Qualified Open Source


Apr 05, 2005, 01:00 ET from SpikeSource, Inc.


SOURCE BUSINESS CONFERENCE, SAN FRANCISCO, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- SpikeSource, an open source IT services company, today announced the launch of its ISV Developer Services, a comprehensive set of programs that provide the services necessary for ISVs to deliver and support their products in open source environments. Software developers, both open source and commercial, now have a trusted partner to turn to for interoperability testing and ongoing support of their products. "SpikeSource is giving ISVs an efficient way to embrace the opportunity presented by open source in the enterprise while continuing to meet their customers' critical interoperability requirements," said SpikeSource CEO Kim Polese. "We provide a high level of interoperability testing and certification to our ISV customers, and also give the open source community a way to have their products validated for deployment in production environments." The program is fee-based for commercial ISVs and free to qualified open source projects. ISV and Open Source Project benefits include Stack Validation, Secure Computing Alerts and Fixes, License and Provenance Management, Component Evaluation, Technical Support, and access to the SpikeInfo and SpikeSearch information services. "Business Objects provides the industry's most trusted and secure business intelligence platform," said Rene Bonvanie, chief marketing officer at Business Objects. "Leveraging SpikeSource's open source testing and their ongoing information and services related to the technologies we're using will enable us to bring our BI solutions to market more quickly in the future." SpikeSource is already testing and validating a number of components from ISVs and open source providers, including Apache Axis, Apache Geronimo, Business Objects, JBoss, Lucene, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Pramati, Sleepycat Software and SugarCRM across various operating system platforms. -- Apache Foundation/Axis -- XML-based open source web services framework. Apache Axis has been tested and certified on the SpikeSource stack. -- Apache Foundation/Geronimo -- ASF-licensed J2EE server project. Preview version of Apache Geronimo has been tested and certified on the SpikeSource stack. -- Apache Foundation/Lucene -- High-performance text search engine library. Apache Lucene has been tested and certified on the SpikeSource stack. -- JBoss -- Open source application server and middleware products. The J2EE-certified JBoss Application Server and Apache Tomcat have been tested and certified on the SpikeSource stack. -- MySQL -- High-performance, affordable database and tools with over six million installations. MySQL Network's Pro Certified Server has been tested and certified on the SpikeSource stack. -- PostgreSQL Project -- Enterprise-class, SQL-compliant object-relational database management system. PostgreSQL is a broadly adopted alternative to high-end proprietary database systems and validation is in process. -- Pramati -- Enterprise Java platform, including application servers, component development tools and web-based management framework. The Pramati Server has been tested and certified on the SpikeSource stack. -- Sleepycat Berkeley DB -- Open source developer database with over 200 million deployments. Berkeley DB has been tested and certified with the SpikeSource stack. -- SugarCRM -- Open source customer relationship management applications. Sugar Professional and Sugar Open Source have been certified on the SpikeSource. "SpikeSource plays an important role for developers and IT organizations who implement an open source strategy," said John Roberts, co-founder and CEO of SugarCRM. "They identify and fix interoperability issues that take a burden off developers and alleviate any implementation headaches for IT." "Stack testing is invaluable, and it's great that SpikeSource is making it available to some open source projects," said Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL core team member. "A database system, like most other software, is a single component in a general solution. It's very important for us to know quickly when a new feature has broken compatibility somewhere. Stack testing, along with the testing support we get from OSDL and our build farm, can accelerate PostgreSQL development by shortening our beta cycles." In addition to the commercial services available to ISVs, free testing and certification services will be available to qualified open source projects. All testing results will be fully published to the open source community. Today the company also announced the general availability of the fully integrated and certified SpikeSource Core Stack and an ecosystem of technology, consulting, implementation and information partners. About SpikeSource: SpikeSource is an Open Source IT services company founded in 2003 to help accelerate enterprise open source adoption through testing, certification and support of open source software. For more information visit www.spikesource.com.

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