Spiritual Healer/Psychic-Medium Reaches International Status!

Sep 13, 2007, 01:00 ET from Manifestingtruth.com

    DALLAS, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Anna Robles, founder of
 Manifestingtruth.com, has been amazing people from all over the world with
 her incredible new class, "Powerful Miracle Manifestation Course." This
 powerful course was channeled through Anna by her Angels and is instilling
 a sense of inspiration, confidence and hope for people from all walks of
     "I was almost in a state of panic when we met ... as I listened to you
 and started taking your courses and everything that you were telling others
 in your radio show I was really able to relate, and became more and more in
 tune to all the energy around me. It is truly amazing, and I thank you for
 all the change that has taken place in my life ..." E. Younger, Portland,
     " ... she has a loving energy that will help you to feel strong and
 ready to take on this world ... Anna also has the gifts to see past,
 present and future and she will never lead you astray ... her Manifesting
 Kits and Courses are Enchanting, Magical, and keep all as one with the
 Universe!" C. Spain Coe, Houston, Texas
     "I am here to tell everyone that this course has amazing results. The
 first three days I noticed a peace like never before in my life. I had a
 sense of knowing and connected with my angels through dreams and thoughts.
 It is worth every dollar. Thank you Anna for this miracle course, it is the
 best investment I ever did!" Lance, California
     Originally from Los Angeles, California, Anna was born with the gift of
 sight and has been a professional Spiritual Intuitive Teacher for over 12
 years. Anna has helped over 4,000 clients with not just her psychic medium
 abilities but with also connecting to their angels to manifest and help
 them to reach their highest potential.
     Anna's radio show, Manifesting truth with Anna, on
 http://www.contacttalkradio.com, gives people from all over the globe an
 opportunity to hear her perform Live readings on others and call in to seek
 advice as it is channeled through her from the angels, (show time;
 Wednesdays, 9pm Central), and to hear special guests such as Peter Siegel,
 Power Mind-Peak Performance, Mental Training, who appeared on the show on
 June 20, 2007. http://incrediblechange.com/mediaappearances.html.
     A highly sought out for teacher, Anna has now reached the millions
 through the amazing publishing house, Hay House, Inc, through a series of
 email blasts featuring the latest book from Abraham teachers Esther and
 Jerry Hicks and a list of 30 powerful intuitive teachers!
 http://promos.hayhouse.com/hicks/us090407email /
     Now in the process of writing her first book titled, "Sacrificial
 Soul," Anna is a Divinely inspired star rising!
     Anna Robles: http://www.manifestingtruth.com, anael32@sbcglobal.net
 (469) 450-4944; psychic readings, spiritual healing, Life Coaching & Angel

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