Spirulina Found to Increase Natural Cancer Fighting Substances in the Body

Study Shows Earthrise Spirulina Strengthens Immune System

Feb 20, 2001, 00:00 ET from Earthrise Nutritionals

    PETALUMA, Calif., Feb. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Scientists at the Osaka
 Institute of Public Health in Japan have found that Spirulina promoted the
 activation of natural cancer-fighting substances in the body. The study was
 reported at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Immunology
 held in
 November 2000.
     In this clinical study volunteers over 40 years of age were given 50 ml of
 Lina Green 21 (a Spirulina extract) and the level of natural cancer-fighting
 substances were measured in their blood. The results showed that Spirulina
 significantly increased the tumor killing ability of Natural Killer Cells and
 interferon gamma. The interferon gamma and natural killer cell activity was
 increased 1-2 weeks after administration of Spirulina and the activity
 continued for a surprising 12-24 weeks even after stopping the administration
 of Spirulina.
     "These findings lend further support to the strong immune boosting
 activity of Spirulina found in many other similar studies including those by
 researchers at University of California, Davis and North Carolina State
 University," says Dr. Amha Belay, Senior Vice President of Earthrise
 Nutritionals. "Collectively these studies point to the potential of Spirulina
 for use in immunotherapy."
     In an earlier study reported at the 59th Annual Meeting of the Japanese
 Cancer Association (October, 2000) the Osaka group also found that the
 co-administration of Spirulina extract with a bacterial cell wall product
 significantly increased the regression of implanted tumor cells in mice
 compared to the administration of BCG-CWS alone. More than 80% remission was
 obtained with this co-treatment. "Both types of cells might have played
 complementary role to control cancer effectively," says Dr. Seya, the chief
 investigator of the study. According to the researchers this new treatment
 approach holds great promise.
     A cell wall material called BCG-CWS, derived from certain bacteria, has
 been commonly used in patients with lung cancer surgery. The administration of
 BCG-CWS resulted in the activation of one type of cancer-fighting substance
 called cytotoxic T-cells (CTL), which showed a moderate success. The
 co-administration of Spirulina extract with BCG-CWS increased the activation
 of other types of natural cancer-fighting substances called natural killer
 cells that work in concert with CTL's to give an enhanced effect.
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