SSH Introduces SSH Tectia Client/Server 4.0 And SSH Tectia Connector

Strong, Transparent Communications Security for Corporate Desktops In

Enterprises, Governments and Financial Institutions

HELSINKI, Finland, PALO ALTO, Calif. and TOKYO, Oct. 28

Oct 28, 2003, 00:00 ET from SSH Communications Security

/PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SSH Communications Security (HEX: SSH1V), a world-
 leading developer of managed security middleware, today announced SSH
 Tectia(TM) client/server solution 4.0 including a new product, SSH Tectia
 Connector, a key component of its new SSH Tectia enterprise security solution.
 SSH Tectia client/server solution 4.0 is an integrated, multi-platform secure
 communications solution, based on SSH Secure Shell technology, designed to
 protect enterprises, government and financial organizations from internal and
 external threats to the network.
     SSH Tectia is a managed security middleware solution that enables a
 cost-effective way of deploying secure communications for business-critical
 applications without the need to modify the supporting IT infrastructure or
 applications.  The new SSH Tectia Connector accelerates the ROI of managed
 security middleware even further by offering a fully invisible corporate
 end-user security client with dynamic tunneling capabilities eliminating the
 end-user training need and helpdesk costs.
     "We created SSH Tectia, the first true managed security middleware
 solution, in collaboration with our large enterprise customers to ease the
 burden of deploying, managing and scaling security solutions in large
 environments," said Tatu Ylonen, founder and CTO of SSH Communications
 Security Corp.  "SSH Tectia client/server solution provides secure end-to-end
 communications across the organization both in the internal network and for
 remote users.  We are pleased to announce SSH Tectia Connector, a
 revolutionary, transparent end-user client for Windows to meet the security
 needs of enterprises, financial and government institutions worldwide."
     SSH Tectia client/server solution consists of three product modules:  SSH
 Tectia Server 4.0, SSH Tectia Client 4.0 and SSH Tectia Connector 4.0.  Based
 on proven SSH Secure Shell technology, SSH Tectia Client/Server 4.0 and SSH
 Tectia Connector 4.0 use standards-based encryption and authentication,
 supporting the most popular encryption algorithms and authentication
 management technologies.  Other features include:
     -- RSA SecurID(R) Compatibility:  Provides two-factor authentication and
        strong encryption for government and enterprise applications.
     -- NIST Approved Crypto Algorithm (Pending FIPS 140-2 Certification):
        Offers an optional NIST approved certified cryptographic module for use
        in government and financial applications.
     -- Integration to Windows Domain (NT and 2000) Authentication:  Ability to
        use the Windows authentication through GSS-API (Generic Security
        Services API) to enable single sign-on functionality in Windows
     SSH Tectia Connector
     Developed specifically for the enterprise, SSH Tectia Connector allows
 corporate end-users to connect to business applications like ERP (Enterprise
 Resource Planning) or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) automatically and
 transparently each time an IP connection is established.  When used in
 conjunction with SSH Tectia Manager, SSH Tectia Connector enables a scalable
 and cost-effective deployment of desktop security throughout the organization,
 eliminating the need for onsite configuration and end-user training.  Thus,
 the user can perform secure data transfer and application tunneling according
 to organizational security policies without the user even knowing that such
 security measures are in place.
     Product Pricing
     SSH Tectia Client/Server 4.0 and SSH Tectia Connector 4.0 are available
 for licensing and delivery in November.  For pricing and ordering information,
 please contact SSH sales on the Web at (SSH sales in Helsinki,
 Finland, at +358 20 500 7030; Palo Alto, Calif., USA, at +1 650 251 2700; or
 Tokyo, Japan at +81 3 3459 6830).
     About SSH Tectia
     SSH Tectia is an enterprise class suite of security solutions based on
 SSH's industry leading technologies.  SSH Tectia client/server solution is
 based on the award-winning SSH Secure Shell used by millions worldwide.  SSH
 Tectia enables end-to-end secure communications throughout the internal and
 external network.  SSH Tectia provides transparent strong encryption and
 authentication and easily integrates into heterogeneous, multi-platform
 environments.  SSH Tectia's management capabilities allow for easy scalability
 and centralized policy deployment.
     About SSH Communications Security
     SSH Communications Security, a world-leading supplier of managed security
 middleware, offers a broad range of award-winning products designed to address
 the most critical security issues for businesses, financial institutions and
 governments worldwide. SSH Tectia(TM), based on the award-winning SSH Secure
 Shell, the standard for secure network communications and remote
 administration. SSH Tectia Certifier provides a robust certification authority
 for flexible and strong authentication through digital certificates and
 tokens. SSH is traded publicly on the Helsinki Exchanges under
 HEX: SSH1V. For more information, please visit
     (C) 2003 SSH Communications Security Corp. All rights reserved. SSH(R) is
 a registered trademark of SSH Communications Security Corp. in the United
 States and in certain other jurisdictions. All other names and marks are
 property of their respective owners.
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