Stanford University Establishes Nanocharacterization Facility In Collaboration with FEI

Facility to House an FEI Strata(TM) DB 235 and Sirion SEM Systems

Dec 18, 2002, 00:00 ET from FEI Company

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Stanford University has
 established an advanced Nanocharacterization Facility in collaboration with
 FEI Company (Nasdaq:   FEIC). The agreement is part of the University's Advanced
 Materials Initiative to create a set of shared research facilities that will
 provide top quality instrumentation to faculty in a variety of disciplines.
     Stanford has purchased a Strata DB 235 small stage DualBeam(TM) (FIB/SEM)
 and will have access to FEI's XL30 Sirion(TM) scanning electron microscope.
 FEI's Sirion SEM will also be housed within the University's
 Nanocharacterization Facility and will be used jointly for FEI customer
     "The idea of Stanford's Nanocharacterization Facility has gone from dream
 to reality as a result of this important collaboration with FEI," said
 Robert Sinclair, Professor of materials science and engineering, and director
 of the new facility. "The quality of imaging we can obtain on these systems is
 one or two orders of magnitude better than what our users could see on the
 previous instruments we had available. These instruments for advanced
 materials studies will support Stanford's contributions to nanotechnology
 research while giving our students hands on learning."
     "This program is a valuable collaboration between industry and education,"
 said Vahe' Sarkissian, President, CEO and Chairman of FEI, as he addressed
 doctorate students during a recent visit to Stanford to review system
 installation. "Push this equipment to its limits. In research environments
 such as these, we can really stretch the capabilities of these instruments and
 jointly define roadmaps for future systems designed to keep pace with the
 challenging needs of nanotechnology development."
     About FEI: The Structural Process Management Company(TM)
     FEI is the 3D innovator and leading supplier of Structural Process
 Management(TM) solutions to the world's technology leaders in the fields of
 semiconductors, data storage, structural biology and industry.  Its range of
 industry-leading DualBeam(TM) and single column focused ion and electron beam
 products enables manufacturers and researchers to keep pace with technology
 shifts and develop next generation technologies and products.  FEI's products
 allow advanced three-dimensional metrology, device editing, trimming, and
 structural analysis for management of sub-micron structures including those
 found in integrated circuits, high-density magnetic storage devices,
 industrial materials, chemical compounds, and biological structures.  FEI
 solutions deliver enhanced production yields, lower costs and faster time to
 market-critical benefits in highly competitive markets.  Headquartered in
 Hillsboro, Oregon, FEI has approximately 1,500 employees worldwide, with
 additional development and manufacturing operations located in Peabody,
 Massachusetts; Sunnyvale, California; Eindhoven, The Netherlands; and Brno,
 Czech Republic. More information can be found on the FEI website at: .
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