Stanley Star to Lead Southeast World War II Memorial Campaign

Jun 05, 1997, 01:00 ET from American Battle Monuments Commission

    WASHINGTON, June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Stanley A. Star, the founder and former
 chairman of Cliffstar Corporation, will team up with former Senate Majority
 Leader Bob Dole to raise funds for the World War II Memorial to be built in
 Washington, D.C.
     Currently president and chief executive officer of Star Management, Inc.
 of Naples, Fla., Star will lead the fundraising campaign in Florida, North
 Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.
     A graduate of Michigan State University, Star attended Duke University
 School of Law.  He currently serves on the board of Cliffstar, a nationwide
 producer and bottler of store brand fruit juices, as well as a number of other
     Authorized by Congress in 1993, the World War II Memorial will be
 this nation's only national memorial commemorating the sacrifices of the
 16 million Americans who served in uniform and the countless millions who
 served on the home front.  Located between the Lincoln Memorial and the
 Washington Monument, the memorial will commemorate the nation as a whole and
 the high moral purpose that led the U.S. and its allies to victory.
     Citing his own commitment to the World War II Memorial and the soldiers,
 sailors, airmen and marines who served, Dole said this memorial will bear
 witness "to the young men who liberated whole continents from tyranny, armed
 with courage and stainless patriotism."
     "We owe them a debt," Dole said. "We repay it with a pledge: to preserve
 their memory against the tide of time. This is a goal worthy of this sacred
 spot, and a goal worthy of the support of all Americans."
     Star said that it was time to pay tribute to those Americans who served
 their nation in uniform and on the home front. "This memorial will honor that
 generation of Americans who were united in a just and common cause," Star
     For more information, or to donate to the World War II Memorial, write:
     World War II Memorial Fund
     20 Massachusetts Ave. N.W., Suite 1205
     Washington, D.C. 20314

SOURCE American Battle Monuments Commission