Starpharma ADRs Added to Nanosphere List of Leading Nanotechnology Stocks for 2005

Jan 27, 2005, 00:00 ET from Starpharma Holdings Limited

    MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The Forbes/Wolfe
 Nanotech Report, a leading investor newsletter analysing advancements in the
 nanotechnology industry, has added Starpharma's American Depositary Receipts
 (ADRs), (OTC: SPHRY, ASX: SPL) to its "Nanosphere" list of leading
 nanotechnology stocks.
     The Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report (
 describes the Nanosphere as comprising "early leaders in nanotechnology and as
 such, should interest investors seeking to orient their portfolios toward this
 revolutionary technology." In the January 2005 edition of the Report,
 Starpharma is featured in an article entitled "Top Nanotech Buys for 2005".
 Other companies listed on the Nanosphere include Hewlett-Packard, IBM and
 leading material science company Symyx.
     Starpharma is a world leader in the development of pharmaceuticals based
 upon a novel class of nanotechnology chemicals called dendrimers. In September
 2004 The Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report identified dendrimer technology as one
 of the five nanotechnologies that could change the world, and in December 2004
 it named the company's recently completed successful phase I trial of
 VivaGel(TM) -- Starpharma's polyvalent microbicide for HIV prevention - as one
 of the Top 5 Nanotech Breakthroughs of 2004.
     Starpharma's strategy is to position itself as the leading source of
 dendrimer nanotechnology drug product opportunities with substantial
 commercial potential to pharmaceutical partners. A major deal announced on
 January 27th between The Dow Chemical Company, Starpharma and its strategic
 partner Dendritic NanoTechnologies, Inc has significantly increased
 Starpharma's intellectual property position in the field of dendrimers used as
 polyvalent pharmaceuticals and assists with the company's out-licensing and
 product development objectives.
     In addition, the inclusion of Starpharma on the Nanosphere list will
 assist the company's investors to monitor Starpharma's progress within the
 broader context of the rapidly evolving international nanotechnology industry.
     Starpharma's ADRs trade under the code SPHRY (CUSIP number 855563102).
 Each Starpharma ADR is equivalent to 10 ordinary shares of Starpharma as
 traded on the Australian Stock Exchange. The Bank of New York is the
 depositary bank.
     About Starpharma:
     Starpharma Holdings Limited (ASX: SPL) is focused on the development and
 application of dendrimer nanotechnologies as drugs against major diseases.
 VivaGel(TM) is a topical microbicide gel product that has been developed for
 women as a preventative against the sexual transmission of HIV. It is also
 active in animal studies for the prevention of other sexually transmitted
 diseases including genital herpes and Chlamydia. SPL also has an equity
 interest in a US based company -- Dendritic Nanotechnologies, Inc. (DNT) --
 established with the US pioneer of dendrimer nanotechnology Dr Donald A.
     A microbicide inactivates, kills or destroys microbes. Microbicides may be
 formulated as gels, creams, sponges, suppositories or films with the purpose
 of reducing significantly the incidence of STDs. There are currently no
 vaginal microbicides on the market. They are intended for vaginal or rectal
 use to afford protection for varying periods, from several hours up to days.
 Microbicides may also be designed to have a contraceptive function by
 inhibiting sperm.
     Dendrimers are a type of nanoparticle. They are man-made chemicals that
 form tiny balls made up of a dense network of branches. Dendrimers have
 applications in the medical, electronics, chemicals and materials industries.

SOURCE Starpharma Holdings Limited