Start the Holiday Season with Smart Snacking Solutions

Food Network's Robin Miller and the Grain Foods Foundation Announce Winner

of Nationwide Smart Snacking Contest

Nov 13, 2007, 00:00 ET from Grain Foods Foundation

    RIDGWAY, Colo., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time to sustain busy
 shoppers throughout the holiday season, the Food Network's Robin Miller and
 the Grain Foods Foundation announced the winner of a nationwide Smart
 Snacking contest to find the healthiest grain-based snack.
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     Brenda Salveson of Rescue, California, a suburb of Sacramento, won a
 personal chef for two weeks for her recipe, Ants Hiding in a Log from the
     "As a mother of two young children, I'm always searching for ways to
 keep my family's energy levels up with a healthy snack. When I gave my
 six-year-old daughter the traditional 'ants on a log,' which is celery
 smeared with cream cheese and topped with a line of raisins, she asked me
 to use her favorite bread instead," explained Brenda Salveson. "It's a
 perfect snack mid-morning, after school or before bed. The whole family
 loves it!"
     Ants Hiding in a Log from the Anteater was selected for its low fat and
 caloric content, simple preparation and great taste that appeals to adults
 and children alike. As a reward, the Salveson family will receive the gift
 that will keep on giving for a whole two weeks - a personal chef to grocery
 shop, prepare meals and even wash dishes.
     With a recent survey showing all Americans (93%) snack at least once a
 day and half of those (54%) reaching for grain foods when they need a boost
 of energy, Robin Miller, of Food Network's "Quick Fix Meals," and the Grain
 Foods Foundation knew it was the perfect time to seek out families'
 favorite recipes.
     "The holidays are often accompanied by a great deal of anxiety and many
 people combat that stress by eating mindlessly while baking, wrapping
 presents and gift shopping," said Robin Miller. "Grain-based foods provide
 an ideal foundation for a smart and delicious snack, giving families the
 energy they need to make it through the merry yet hectic holiday season."
     Throughout the past two months, approximately 700 consumers submitted
 their favorite snack solutions to the Grain Foods Foundation at Americans can log on to find hundreds of delicious,
 grain-based snack options to sustain them through their holidays.
     "Between holiday parties and family gatherings, there are plenty of
 opportunities to load up on treats," said Judi Adams, MS, RD and president
 of the Grain Foods Foundation. "People can fight these snack attacks with
 healthy, tasty and convenient options, helping them make it through the day
 without sacrificing the joy of eating during the holidays."
     Ants Hiding in a Log From the Anteater - recipe by Brenda and Linnea
     2 slices of whole grain bread
     3 tablespoons cream cheese
     24-30 raisins (ants)
     Remove crusts from the bread. Spread half the cream cheese on each
 slice. Cut each slice into 3 strips (logs). Place 4-5 raisins in a line on
 each strip. Stack two strips together like a sandwich. Place the third on
 top to form a triple-decker.
     You now have ants hiding in a log from the anteater. Feed them to your
 little anteaters.
     Serves two
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