State Of The Hives Address

Aug 07, 2007, 01:00 ET from Interscope Records

    FAGERSTA, Sweden, Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ --
     Hello my people!
     This is Howlin Pelle with the State Of The Hives address.
     We have heard so many rumors about The Hives new album that I thought I
 would just go on here and set the record straight about a few things.
     Firstly we are all still alive. Those rumors were greatly exaggerated.
     We are making a new album.
     This new album has been recorded all over the world because we thought
 it was time to have other people involved besides ourselves and our closest
     The lion's share of this new album was recorded in Mississippi with
 producer Dennis Herring. This is where I am sitting now.
     We also met producer Pharrell Williams in Japan a while ago. He told
 us, "we should record together," and "something bass guitar based." We
 ended up spending some time in Miami making music with him. Some of this
 music will end up on The Hives new record.
     The record will also feature the first recordings from Hive Manor, our
 house in Sweden where we worked this past autumn.
     Next stop was the historic Olympic studios in London where we recorded
 a few with a man called Jacknife Lee.
     We have also recorded one of our songs with swede Tomas Oberg from the
 band bob hund.
     At times it has felt like we are prisoners to our own creativity and
 that it is taking a long time.
     At this time we have a lot of songs. In the past we only had what was
 on each album. We ask you to bare with us as we take the time to wrestle
 this onto an album. An album of inhuman proportions called The Black and
 White album. Hope all of you will enjoy it.
     Take care and good luck.

SOURCE Interscope Records