Statement from Murray Weissman of Weissman/Delson Communications Regarding an Op-Ed Article by Robert Wise about Martin Scorsese and 'Gangs Of New York'

Mar 23, 2003, 00:00 ET from Weissman/Delson Communications

    LOS ANGELES, March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- "There have been occasional
 reportorial inferences in some entertainment news columns that as a public
 relations consultant to Miramax I did something 'inappropriate' by drafting,
 at Robert Wise's specific request, an Op-Ed piece that appeared in the Los
 Angeles Daily News in support of Martin Scorsese and 'Gangs of New York.'  I
 strongly disagree with this suggestion.
     "As a veteran Hollywood publicist, I've been writing speeches, letters and
 statements for filmmakers, executives and actors for more than 40 years.  It's
 what the men and women in my profession do all the time.  We take direction
 and guidance and our job is to put on paper the thoughts given to us.
     "The background is that I have known Robert Wise ever since my days as
 publicity director of Universal Pictures, where I worked with him on three of
 his major films. Earlier this year, Mr. Wise volunteered his admiration and
 enthusiasm for Martin Scorsese's career and current film.  Knowing this, when
 William Goldman wrote a vicious attack on Mr. Scorsese's career in Variety,
 urging Academy members not to vote for him, I asked Mr. Wise if he had any
 interest in authoring a supportive piece about Mr. Scorsese in response.  He
 agreed with the proviso that we prepare a draft for his approval expressing
 the thoughts he provided on the subject.  Not an unusual request and not an
 unusual assignment for me.  The piece was drafted, submitted to Mr. Wise and
 he personally approved the draft as composed for placement in a newspaper or

SOURCE Weissman/Delson Communications