Stay-At-Home Parenting: How to Juggle the Responsibilities

Sep 10, 2007, 01:00 ET from California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

    SAN DIEGO, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Stay-at-home parenting can become
 overwhelming by its seemingly endless challenges when it comes to juggling
 the needs of individual family members. While there is a steady upward
 trend of dads or moms taking the role as the primary caregiver, it is
 critical to ensure that this role reversal is a positive experience.
     The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists offers the
 following tips for fathers or mothers who are considering or are currently
 stay-at-home parents:
     -- Stay Positive: The best way to assure that this will be a positive
        experience is to remain confident and embrace your new role. If you are
        frustrated or depressed about being at home, your children will notice
        and may reflect your actions in their behavior. For your children to
        remain happy and healthy, you need to be a parent who is proactive and
        proud to be staying at home.
     -- Stay Connected: A primary fear stay-at-home parents often face is
        becoming isolated. It is important to stay active by volunteering at
        your child's school, starting a new hobby or being involved with
        sports. Get connected with other full-time mothers or fathers by
        joining playgroups that meet on a weekly basis.
     -- Stay in Love: It can often be challenging for those whose spouse or
        partner is the breadwinner, but this role reversal can be successful.
        You and your companion need to communicate on a daily basis by
        discussing each others' expectations and showing appreciation for each
        other. Be sure to schedule date nights and keep the romance alive.
     -- Stay Informed: You have made the decision to put your career on hold to
        raise your family. Stay in touch with colleagues and keep your mind
        fresh by reading journals, attending meetings or going back to school.
        Once you are ready to re-enter the workforce, you will remain a
        valuable, resourceful, and knowledgeable professional.
     -- Stay Balanced: Enjoy positive mental health by prioritizing
        home-related responsibilities and personal time. Apply these tips for
        you and your family to manage and improve your mental health:
        -- Plan a getaway where family members can relax, rest and escape their
           busy schedules.
        -- Set aside personal time read, walk, and be with friends.
        -- Engage in healthy eating and physical activity.
     If you or your children are having a more difficult time than normal
 getting adjusted to this new role and lifestyle, you may consider seeking
 family counseling. A Marriage and Family Therapist can address and modify
 constraints, help family members communicate with one another in a
 productive way and develop strategies to solve problems effectively. To
 locate a Licensed Therapist, visit California's online mental health
 resource at
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