SteelEye Announces LifeKeeper for Linux 3.1 Clustering Platform, Supporting the Broadest Variety of Linux Configurations

New Version Rapidly Extends Benefits of High Availability to Enterprises Of

All Sizes Through Plug-and-Play Support for the Widest Range of Applications,

Servers and Storage Options

Jan 31, 2001, 00:00 ET from SteelEye Technology Inc.

    NEW YORK, LinuxWorld, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- SteelEye(TM) Technology
 Inc., a leading application reliability company, today announced an enhanced
 Linux version of its LifeKeeper(R) Next Generation Enterprise Reliability(TM)
 platform that allows enterprises to quickly implement cost-effective
 high-availability clustering solutions to maximize uptime of business-critical
 applications. SteelEye also announced that Compaq has selected SteelEye for
 Linux clustering on its leading industry-standard ProLiant(TM) servers and
 entered into a joint marketing agreement to promote SteelEye's LifeKeeper on a
 range of ProLiant servers and storage options. As announced today by Compaq in
 a related press release, the companies are entering into this agreement to
 provide customers with new clustering options for applications, servers and
 data availability.
     An enterprise-grade reliability clustering solution that ensures
 continuous availability of critical business applications, servers, and data,
 LifeKeeper for Linux 3.1 offers unprecedented configuration flexibility
 through support for 16 or more clustered industry-standard servers, new Linux
 distributions, SCSI storage, and Fibre Channel-based Storage Area Networks
 (SANs). The Next Generation Enterprise Reliability platform's plug-and-play
 integration and intuitive Java-based GUI enable IT managers to easily
 implement automated fault monitoring and recovery to ensure round-the-clock
 availability of applications and data, making LifeKeeper an ideal solution for
 e-commerce and other enterprise IT environments. LifeKeeper is an
 industry-proven technology -- used by such Fortune 1000 companies as Chase
 Manhattan Bank and AT&T -- that automatically restores application services by
 either restarting them locally or seamlessly relocating them to another server
 in the cluster.
     "We are jointly certifying LifeKeeper on a range of Compaq ProLiant server
 models and storage configurations, and are rapidly delivering these integrated
 solutions through our global channel partners to address customer demand for
 Linux clusters," said Vince Gayman, Director of High Availability Marketing,
 Compaq Industry Standard Server Group. "Compaq ProLiant servers running
 LifeKeeper provide the highest levels of availability running Linux."
     "LifeKeeper for Linux offers the fault resilience and high availability
 companies require in today's e-business era while preserving the power and
 cost advantages of Linux," said Jim Fitzgerald, President and CEO of SteelEye
 Technology. "Our strength and ability to globally deliver reliable and
 affordable solutions is further supported by an industry leader like Compaq
 selecting SteelEye as a reliability solution provider for Linux-based ProLiant
     Exceptional Configuration Flexibility and Ease of Use
     LifeKeeper for Linux 3.1 brings sophisticated clustering to enterprises of
 all sizes by providing a low-cost solution that runs on Intel-based servers
 and eliminates the need for costly professional services through plug-and-play
 support and straightforward management features.
     "The enterprise-grade performance of LifeKeeper for Linux allows us to
 offer our customers round the clock access to our supplier performance ratings
 service, while minimizing system implementation and maintenance costs," said
 Dan Feldman, Vice President of Product Development at Open Ratings. "Its
 plug-and-play support offers extreme ease of use and provides us with the
 greatest configuration flexibility for scaling the cluster framework to keep
 up with our needs."
     Enhancements provided by LifeKeeper for Linux 3.1 include:
     -- New Application Recovery Kits (ARKs) to further support off-the-shelf
        applications and eliminate single points of failure. Distributed
        computing environments gain additional protection through Version 3.1's
        support for Oracle Net8 Listener and new SSL support for Apache Web
        server, strengthening the reliability of e-commerce applications.
        Data-intensive environments relying on file systems gain increased data
        integrity through SteelEye's support for NFS (Network File System) as
        well as JFS (journaling file systems), such as EXT3 and ReiserFS.
     -- Support for additional servers to simplify and streamline system
        deployments. In addition to Compaq's industry-standard ProLiant
        servers, customers benefit from plug-and-play integration and certified
        support for servers from other vendors, including Dell, Hewlett-Packard
        and IBM.
     -- Increased storage options to accommodate the widest range of storage
        environments. Support for Fibre Channel allows enterprises to implement
        reliable SANs that scale up to 16 or more node clusters for maximum
        scalability and speed. Additionally, SteelEye is now offering a new
        LifeKeeper Data Replication option to guarantee data access in
        non-shared storage environments, providing a lower cost of entry and
        wider range of supported configurations.
     -- Support for additional Linux distributions to work with all key
        commercially available operating systems. Recently certified versions
        include Red Hat 7.0, Caldera eServer 2.3, SuSE 7.1, and TurboLinux
        (planned for Q2 2001).
     -- Enterprise management features for enhanced IT efficiency and reduced
        operating costs. LifeKeeper's new SNMP support allows companies to
        integrate their high-availability solution with any SNMP-based network
        management system, such as HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, and others.
        Additionally, tunable heartbeats let managers fine tune the speed of
        failure detection and recovery for even higher reliability of critical
        application services.
     -- Enhanced Software Developer's Kit (SDK) to rapidly customize support
        for customer-specific needs. The latest version of LifeKeeper's SDK
        lets enterprises quickly provide high availability for their custom
        applications and other critical computing resources.
     "LifeKeeper for Linux 3.1 delivers unprecedented ease of use while
 supporting the widest range of applications, servers, and storage
 configurations, substantially surpassing competitors' 2-node limitations.
 SteelEye also offers enterprises consistent reliability management across a
 variety of computing environments to protect uptime of all of their critical
 applications running on Linux, Windows NT, and Solaris platforms," Fitzgerald
 added. "With SteelEye solutions, enterprises and e-businesses alike can
 guarantee the availability of their applications, servers, and data while
 significantly reducing hardware and staffing requirements."
     Pricing and Availability
     LifeKeeper for Linux 3.1 will be generally available in March 2001.
 Pricing starts at $1,500 per node and varies based on configurations and
 options selected. For more information, contact SteelEye toll free at
 877-319-0108, or 650-318-0108 for calls outside the U.S.
     LifeKeeper at LinuxWorld
     SteelEye is showcasing its LifeKeeper Next Generation Enterprise
 Reliability platform at LinuxWorld in New York this week in the following
 partner booths:  Compaq (Booth #1639), IBM (Booth #329), Intel (Booth #409),
 Linux NetworX (Booth #2221), and BigStorage (Booth #1257).
     About SteelEye Technology, Inc.
     SteelEye Technology, Inc. is a leading application reliability company
 bringing high availability of applications, servers, and data to enterprises
 of all sizes through its Next Generation Enterprise Reliability(TM) platform.
 The company's LifeKeeper(R) software platform offers enterprise-grade
 reliability while simplifying system implementation through plug-and-play
 support for the widest range of applications, servers, storage options, and
 operating systems, including Linux, Windows NT, and Solaris. Fortune 1000
 companies worldwide rely on LifeKeeper to keep thousands of servers up and
 running, including Chase Manhattan Bank and AT&T Corporation. Headquartered in
 Mountain View, Calif., SteelEye is privately held and has received venture
 financing from Venrock Associates, Intel Corp., and Massey Burch Capital Corp.
 For more information, please visit
     CONTACT:  Lonnie Sue Sutton of SteelEye Technology, Inc., 650-237-2412, or

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