SteelEye Works With HP to Deliver HP ProLiant DL380 Packaged Clusters to Linux Customers Worldwide

System Offers 'No Single Point of Failure' Linux Clustering Capability

Aug 13, 2002, 01:00 ET from SteelEye Technology, Inc.

    SAN FRANCISCO, LinuxWorld, Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- SteelEye Technology(R),
 a leader in high availability solutions, announced its collaboration with HP
 to deliver a "no single point of failure" Linux cluster system. Comprising
 SteelEye's LifeKeeper for Linux Version 4.1.1 integrated with industry-
 standard next-generation HP ProLiant DL380 Packaged Clusters, this solution
 brings to the market total business continuity protection at an affordable
     Until now, small- to mid-size companies were faced with prohibitive costs
 to ensure availability of their most critical data and applications. With the
 combination of SteelEye LifeKeeper for Linux 4.1.1 with HP ProLiant DL380
 Packaged Clusters, customers no longer have to make the difficult choice of
 leaving their business vulnerable to system failures. With the ability to
 monitor and recover the most popular applications on Linux such as Oracle 9i,
 Sendmail, SAMBA, MySQL and Apache, LifeKeeper for Linux with ProLiant DL380
 Packaged Clusters is an ideal solution for businesses that need a system with
 failure-free reliability and are faced with significant budgetary constraints.
     "Our company, Viaccess SA, a France Telecom company and world leader for
 conditional access for pay television and protection of IP content over
 broadband networks, chose HP ProLiant servers and SteelEye's LifeKeeper high
 availability software for their reliability, proven performance, and ease of
 deployment," said Gilles Merles, Viaccess IP Product Technical Manager. "We
 look forward to implementing HP's newest ProLiant DL380 Packaged Cluster as
 the next generation platform for Viaccess-Net, our IP conditional access
     SteelEye's LifeKeeper is the first solution to deliver Linux high
 availability on the ProLiant DL380 Packaged Cluster. LifeKeeper for Linux was
 first certified on the HP ProLiant CL380 Packaged Cluster in 2000 using the HP
 StorageWorks RAID Array 4000 for shared SCSI storage. With the introduction of
 the HP ProLiant DL380 Packaged Cluster and the new SMART Array Cluster Storage
 subsystem, the combination of LifeKeeper for Linux and the HP ProLiant DL380
 Packaged Cluster is ideal for the heavy lifting in small group and
 departmental environments.
     "We needed to protect the availability of our file shares, user
 applications and user home drives, basically all of the network-based shares
 on our SAMBA server," said Jason McClish, Systems Administrator at Nucor
 Steel. "With HP ProLiant servers running SuSE and SteelEye's LifeKeeper for
 Linux, the solution was so affordable we were able to dedicate a backup server
 running idle in the event of a failover on the primary system. Their solution
 did everything I needed immediately, and they have addressed all my
 foreseeable requirements."
     SteelEye and HP Storage
     The changes made to the shared SCSI storage in HP ProLiant DL380 Packaged
 Clusters add independent paths to the newly announced SMART Array Cluster
 Storage subsystem. This dual path eliminates the single path to shared
 storage, which was a potential point of failure in previous implementations.
 The storage controllers operate in active-standby mode.  If one controller has
 a problem, the SMART Array initiates a failover to the standby controller.
 All the while, LifeKeeper is ensuring that continuous access to applications
 and data is maintained. Coupled with the other built-in hardware redundancy
 components of the ProLiant DL380 (power supplies, fans, and buses), the dual-
 controller storage unit provides complete protection against hardware
     24x7 Support
     SteelEye LifeKeeper solutions have 24x7 support from HP Services on a
 global basis, providing customers one single point of contact for high
 availability clusters -- hardware, software, solutions and services.
     "From the very outset, we wished to achieve the same level of reliability
 and performance as the UNIX-based cluster configuration, but with half the
 budget," said Mr. Yuichi Adachi, General Manager of the e-Business Division at
 DKB Information Systems. "The verification results carried out by Japan
 Business Systems (JBS) in cooperation with the HP lab and Oracle perfectly met
 those requirements. What's more, database modules such as Oracle 8i or 9i were
 pre-prepared in LifeKeeper, so future system expansion is simple and the
 clearly defined requisite manpower and costs made it more attractive."
     SteelEye has been delivering Linux high availability solutions with HP
 worldwide for the past two years, beginning with the ProLiant CL380 Packaged
 Cluster as well as 2-node to 16-node Fibre storage clusters. With the latest
 ProLiant DL380 Packaged Cluster offering more robust server performance and
 higher capacity storage with the SMART Array Cluster at a very attractive
 implementation cost, the global business community now has more advanced, low-
 cost alternatives to protect their critical business operations. SteelEye has
 also certified and is delivering its LifeKeeper for Windows 2000 solutions on
 the packaged cluster platform.
     "The continued dedication and collaboration between the HP and SteelEye
 development teams make possible these technology improvements, which add
 significant value to the growing business needs for high reliability," said
 Jim Fitzgerald, SteelEye's founder and executive vice president of business
 development and marketing. "Also, with HP's new systems based on strong
 endorsement of Intel(R) Itanium(R) 2 processors now shipping, we see this new
 technology's potential to drive significant growth in sales of clustered high-
 end Linux and Windows servers."
     Vince Gayman, HP vice president of marketing for management and high
 availability solutions, states, "Our relationship with SteelEye gets stronger
 every day and with the ProLiant DL380 Packaged Cluster as the wedge into the
 Linux environment, we have a winning solution for building an adaptive
     About SteelEye Technology, Inc.
     SteelEye Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of low cost high
 availability clustering software that is easy to deploy and operate. The
 company's LifeKeeper(R) software and SteelEye Disaster Recovery Solution
 enable enterprises of all sizes to ensure continuous uptime of business-
 critical applications, servers and data. SteelEye products offer enterprise-
 grade reliability while simplifying implementation through plug-and-play
 support for the widest range of applications, servers, storage options, and
 operating systems, including Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Solaris
 environments. Global 1000 companies rely on LifeKeeper to keep thousands of
 servers up and running, including Chase Manhattan Bank and AT&T Corporation.
 Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., SteelEye is privately held and has
 received venture financing from HP; CrossBridge Partners; Dali, Hook Partners;
 Hitachi, Ltd.; Intel 64 Fund; Massey Burch Capital Corp.; and Venrock
 Associates. For more information, visit
     CONTACT:  Lonnie Sue Sutton of SteelEye Technology, Inc., +1-650-237-2412
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