StemCyte Appoints Robert Dickey IV as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jul 11, 2007, 01:00 ET from StemCyte, Inc.

    ARCADIA, Calif., July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- StemCyte, Inc., a leading stem
 cell transplantation and therapeutics company, announced today the
 appointment of Robert Dickey IV as Senior Vice President and Chief
 Financial Officer. Mr. Dickey brings to StemCyte a total of more than 25
 years of experience in entrepreneurial management and in investment
 banking. During his career, Mr. Dickey has been actively involved in
 fundraising in both the private and public markets, IPO's, and mergers and
 acquisitions. In addition, he has significant experience in the building
 and management of high growth companies. He will be based with StemCyte's
 CEO, CSO and head of business development, among others, at the Company's
 planned new headquarters on the east coast.
     Mr. Dickey joins StemCyte from Locus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. where as CFO
 he raised over $40 million in debt and equity financing and from partnering
 revenues. Previously, Mr. Dickey was President, CEO and CFO of Protarga,
 Inc., where he raised more than $55 million, filed a registration statement
 to take Protarga public and then sold the company to Daiichi Sankyo, Co.,
 Ltd. During this time he played a key structuring and negotiating role in a
 number of pharmaceutical and academic collaborations and licensing
 agreements. He began his career on Wall Street with 13 years' experience at
 Lehman Brothers in general corporate finance and in the M&A department and
 then four years as a Managing Director at Legg Mason Wood Walker. Mr.
 Dickey holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania,
 and a B.A. from Princeton University.
     "Rob Dickey's joining StemCyte reflects the organization's anticipated
 growth into a larger and more complex company and the consequent need to
 expand our team of senior professional managers", said StemCyte's CEO Ken
 Giacin. "With Rob's finance, drug development and Wall Street experience,
 he will play an integral role in overseeing our financial and corporate
 operations as we continue to expand the number of our stem cell banking
 facilities and significantly increase our investment in the development of
 umbilical cord blood ("UCB") stem cell therapeutics. Henry Chase, the
 current CFO, has been named Vice President of Finance.
     About StemCyte
     StemCyte, Inc. operates as both an international umbilical stem cell
 storage bank and a therapeutics company. Stem cells are used to replace or
 initiate the production of other cells that are damaged or missing due to
 disease. StemCyte collects, processes and banks umbilical cord blood
 ("UCB") stem cells to be used as therapeutic treatments. The Company
 currently operates UCB storage banks in California and Taiwan and is
 expanding its locations into other regions around the globe. In addition,
 the Company is pursuing collaborations with a number of leading stem cell
 researchers to improve and expand the treatment opportunities using stem
     UCB stem cells are a non-controversial and readily available source of
 stem cells, harvested from umbilical cords that would otherwise be
 discarded. To date, UCB stem cells have been used in approximately 8,000
 transplants worldwide and have successfully treated certain cancers (e.g.,
 leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma), blood disorders (e.g., thalassemia, sickle
 cell anemia and Fanconi anemia) and immune deficiency diseases. StemCyte
 and its scientific founder have developed proprietary processes to ensure
 that the least number of stem cells are lost post-collection and post-thaw.
 Studies have shown that successful patient engraftment and survival outcome
 are directly correlated to the number of stem cells provided. StemCyte's
 stem cells are currently being used to treat three to four patients per
 week and the Company recently released its 500th cord blood stem cell
 shipment for transplant. With an inventory of over 25,000 units, the
 Company's stem cell banks represent one of the largest and most ethnically
 diverse sources of unrelated (allogeneic) UCB stem cells.
     StemCyte's therapeutic activities involve expanding the use of UCB stem
 cells in indications where stem cells are already an FDA-approved therapy,
 validating the engraftment and survival benefits of its proprietary stem
 cell processing technology and participating in clinical trials for new
 transplant indications. New indications include thalassemia, a devastating
 red blood cell deficiency diagnosed in over 150,000 babies each year with
 severe forms of the disease, and non-blood-based disorders, including
 neurodegenerative diseases.
     StemCyte has received accreditation from the American Association of
 Blood Banks (AABB), the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), the College
 of American Pathologists (CAP), and Foundation for the Accreditation of
 Cellular Therapy (FACT) for allogeneic donations and has the only cord
 blood bank in the world accredited by FACT for autologous donations.
 StemCyte is one of only six banks to have been selected to participate in
 the C.W. Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program under the initial $79
 million authorized by Congress in the Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research
 Act of 2005.
     StemCyte is privately-held. Visit for more
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SOURCE StemCyte, Inc.