StemCyte(R), Inc. Releases Its 500th Cord Blood Stem Cell Shipment For Transplant

Apr 16, 2007, 01:00 ET from StemCyte, Inc.

    ARCADIA, Calif., April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- StemCyte, Inc., a
 privately-held stem cell therapy and cord blood company, with
 highly-accredited processing and storage facilities in both the U.S. and
 Taiwan, recently released its 500th cord blood stem cell shipment for
 transplant. This marks another milestone in the company's rapid growth as
 one of the world's leading providers of quality cord blood stem cell
 products. StemCyte has now provided cord blood stem cell shipments to over
 130 transplant centers worldwide across 6 continents, with the number of
 shipments released for transplantation increasing rapidly. StemCyte's
 therapeutic products have been used for the treatment of over 40 diseases,
 including leukemias, lymphomas, immune diseases and genetic disorders.
     "StemCyte is committed to building the largest and most racially
 diverse cord blood bank in the world," says StemCyte's CEO Ken Giacin. "We
 will strive to over-deliver on our contract to help build the National Cord
 Blood Inventory in the United States while looking to help build cord blood
 banks in underserved countries around the world. StemCyte expects to grow
 rapidly in terms of the number of transplant centers that we serve and the
 number of patients whose lives are saved by our products."
     "We are very pleased with the growing vote of confidence that is being
 extended to StemCyte by transplant physicians around the world," said
 Lawrence D. Petz, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, StemCyte International Cord
 Blood Center, and Emeritus Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,
 UCLA Medical Center. "Our consistently excellent one-year patient survival
 data continue to point to both the increasing level of transplant physician
 care as well as to the high degree of efficacy of our cord blood products."
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     About StemCyte, Inc.
     StemCyte, Inc., headquartered in Arcadia, California, intends to create
 the largest donor umbilical cord blood stem cell bank in the world.
 StemCyte is dedicated to providing high quality, cost-effective, stem cell
 transplantation and therapy to all patients in need. StemCyte is accredited
 by AABB, the College of American Pathologists (CAP), and the National
 Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). Additionally, the StemCyte International Cord
 Blood Center is accredited by the Foundation for Accreditation of Cellular
 Therapies (FACT) for cord blood collection, processing, testing, banking,
 selection and release, and is the first and the only cord blood bank in the
 world accredited by FACT for autologous donations.
     David Carmel
     StemCyte, Inc.

SOURCE StemCyte, Inc.