Stiefel Laboratories Licenses Sebiprox(R) Dandruff Shampoo To Grupo Ferrer In Spain

Ferrer Will Market Shampoo, Only Reimbursable Dandruff Treatment in Spain,

Under Its Ciclochem(R) Brand

Aug 25, 2004, 01:00 ET from Stiefel Laboratories, Inc.

    CORAL GABLES, Fla., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Stiefel Laboratories, the
 world's largest independent dermatology company, today announced that its
 European affiliate, Stiefel Laboratories (Ireland) Ltd., has signed an
 agreement to license the company's Sebiprox(R) dandruff shampoo to Grupo
 Ferrer International S.A.
     Sold by Stiefel under various brand names in Spain, France, Germany, Italy
 and Morocco as a treatment for dandruff and other forms of seborrheic
 dermatitis of the scalp, Sebiprox is the only anti-fungal dandruff shampoo
 that is reimbursable under most major insurance plans in Spain.
     The product, whose active ingredient is ciclopirox olamine, will be
 manufactured and supplied to Ferrer by Stiefel's manufacturing facility in
 Ireland.  Ferrer will re-brand and sell the shampoo as part of its popular
 Ciclochem(R) line of anti-fungal skin and hair care products.  Stiefel will
 continue to market the product to its core dermatologist customers under the
 Sebiprox name in Spain and throughout its other territories.
     The agreement, which covers an initial, renewable multi-year period and
 extends throughout all of Spain, opens the door for Ferrer to expand the
 distribution of Sebiprox beyond dermatologists to general practitioners and
 other medical professionals.
     According to Stiefel's Chairman, CEO & President, Charles W. Stiefel, "We
 are very excited to further our relationship with Ferrer and are confident
 that this agreement will prove to be beneficial not only for both companies,
 but also for those who suffer from dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.  This
 agreement exemplifies Stiefel's desire to partner with other companies in
 order to expand our coverage and bring our innovative products to those
 patients who need them."
     Ciclopirox olamine is a broad spectrum anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory
 agent used to treat a variety of fungus and yeast skin infections, including
 seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp.  Seborrheic dermatitis is believed to be
 caused by a reaction to yeast organisms belonging to the Malassezia species.
 Seborrheic dermatitis is a very common condition that causes scaling and
 sometimes a red itchy rash of the scalp, eyebrows, face and/or chest.
     The condition may appear gradually or suddenly at any age, usually after
 puberty, and can last for many years, often getting better or worse without
 any apparent reason.  Although there is no permanent cure for the disease, it
 is usually controlled by one or more treatments that include topical agents
 and/or therapeutic shampoos.
     Stiefel actively pursues acquisition opportunities and strategic alliances
 worldwide and welcomes collaborative ventures typified by the agreement
 announced today.  In addition to license agreements and acquisitions, Stiefel
 generates new products and technologies through its world-renowned research
 and development group, which operates out of facilities on three continents,
 including the southern hemisphere's largest dermatological research facility
 located near Sao Paulo, Brazil.
     About Stiefel Laboratories, Inc.
     Founded in 1847, Stiefel Laboratories is the world's largest independent
 pharmaceutical company specialized in dermatology. Its wholly owned global
 network is comprised of more than 30 subsidiaries, including manufacturing
 plants in six countries and R&D facilities on three continents. Stiefel
 supplements its R&D by aggressively seeking acquisitions of dermatological
 product lines and companies around the world. To learn more about Stiefel,

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