STMicroelectronics Announces Wireless LAN Chip for Wi-Fi Enabled Mobile Phones

Already designed into several cellular handsets, ST's leading-edge STLC4370

WLAN IC is now in volume production

Feb 09, 2006, 00:00 ET from STMicroelectronics

    GENEVA, Feb. 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- STMicroelectronics (NYSE:   STM), a
 worldwide leader in system-on-chip technology, revealed today the successful
 introduction to volume production of its STLC4370 Mobile Wireless Local Area
 Network (WLAN) solution. The STLC4370 is the first of a family of single-chip
 WLAN devices specifically designed for cellular handsets. This low-power
 compact solution has already been designed into several recently launched
 Wi-Fi-enabled cellular handsets.
     Suitable for enterprise smart phones and consumer multimedia handsets,
 this complete WLAN solution provides high-speed power efficient IEEE802.11g
 performance without compromising battery life. The compact nature of the
 STLC4370 reference design has enabled its design into multiple form-factor
 mobile phones including candy bar, compact PDA, and innovative fold-open
 keyboard designs.
     The STLC4370 contains a fully integrated single-chip WLAN, including ZIF
 (Zero Intermediate Frequency) transceiver, RF Synthesizer/VCO (Voltage-
 Controlled Oscillator), high-speed data converters, an Orthogonal Frequency
 Division Multiplexing/Complementary Code Keying OFDM/CCK digital baseband
 processor, an ARM9-based Media Access Controller (MAC) and a complete Power
 Management Unit with integrated Power Amplifier bias control. An external
 front-end module completes a highly integrated solution with minimum retail
     The STLC4XXX family of single-chip devices will expand in Q1 2006 with an
 IEEE802.11b/g and a dual-band IEEE802.11a/b/g solution. The family focuses on
 the two key success factors of the mobile device, the footprint and solution
 cost, which have been reduced to ensure the rapid adoption of WLAN
 connectivity into the mainstream converged mobile handset.
     WLAN-enabled handsets offer the users the ability to easily connect to
 corporate email services and advanced voice functions, including Internet
 Protocol PBX (Private Branch Exchange) connectivity. Vital to ensuring
 reliable operation, the STLC4370 offers support for IEEE802.11e Quality of
 Service. The family maintains data protection using the integrated security
 features that take full advantage of IEEE802.11i and Wi-Fi Protected Access
 (WPA) features.
     Host control is provided by a flexible SDIO (Secure Digital Input/Output)
 or SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) interface supporting clock rates of up to
 48Mbps. For maximum flexibility and reduced costs, the STLC4XXX supports
 system reference-clock frequencies of 19.2, 38.4, and 40MHz. ST offers a
 reference-design evaluation platform of hardware and software system
 integrators to rapidly enable wireless connectivity to mobile platforms.
     Taking full advantage of the Symbian OS and Series 60 UI, the WLAN drivers
 deliver advanced power-save options, which extend both standby and talk times.
 The STLC4XXX is ideal for integration into cellular phones and can also
 benefit other (power and size sensitive) applications including Personal
 Digital Assistants (PDAs), hand-held data transfer devices, and digital
 cameras. For non-cellular devices, ST provides a full suite of Linux drivers
 which offer rapid development of tablet or multimedia platforms.
     "Whether it's a cellular phone that plays music or an MP3 player and
 camera phone, the lines between handset and consumer device are blurring,"
 said Matthew Hatch, General Manager of ST's Wireless LAN Business Unit.
 "Subscribers are demanding the choice of fast download of their own music
 collection over IEEE802.11g WLAN or access to the latest online music over the
 cellular network."
     Available in volume production, budgetary pricing for the STLC4370 is
 approximately $10 in quantities of 100,000 pieces.
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