STMicroelectronics Demonstrates Nomadik(TM) Multimedia Application Processor at CEATEC Japan Show

ST at CEATEC: Hall 6; Booth 6D23; October 7-11, 2003

Nomadik chip shown running Symbian operating system, decoding audio and video

in real time; samples and board support package will be delivered to lead

customers in November

Oct 07, 2003, 01:00 ET from STMicroelectronics

    TOKYO, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- At the CEATEC exhibition in Japan
 this week STMicroelectronics is publicly demonstrating, for the first time,
 the STn8800, the first chip in the Nomadik multimedia application processor
 family. This chip enables portable terminals such as mobile phones and
 personal digital assistants to play music, take pictures, record video, and
 host two-way visual communication in real time.
     In the demonstration the STn8800 Nomadik devices run the Symbian 7.0S
 operating system and decode audio/video streams in real time. An appealing
 user 'dashboard' instantly displays the loading of Nomadik's various
 remarkable resources. These measurements illustrate how Nomadik combines
 ultra-low power consumption and unsurpassed audio and video quality to make
 compelling multimedia a practical reality for handheld devices. Leveraging on
 its innovative architecture, the Nomadik STn8800 is performing MPEG-4
 real-time video decoding in a large VGA display format at 30 frames per second
 while simultaneously playing MP3 audio.
     "The first Nomadik multimedia processor we are presenting at the CEATEC
 exhibition significantly raises the standard for mobile multimedia
 performance," said Guy Lauvergeon, General Manager of ST's Multimedia Platform
 Unit. "With the availability of the first silicon of the Nomadik platform and
 the emergence of open standards we are enabling the proliferation of
 multimedia mobile terminals and content-rich services."
     Nomadik application processors will be designed to be compliant with open
 standards now being developed by the MIPI Alliance, created in July 2003, to
 standardize hardware and software interfaces for application processors.
 STMicroelectronics is one of the four founder members of the MIPI Alliance,
 which was formed in response to broad interest in the earlier OMAPI initiative
 launched by ST and TI in December 2002.
     About the Nomadik Processor Family
     ST's Nomadik multimedia application processor family offers ultra-low
 power consumption, which is facilitated by the optimal partitioning of the
 chip between hardware and software, combined with ST's low-power CMOS
 technology and low-power design know-how. This translates into longer battery
 operation for consumers and performance scalability for product manufacturers.
     Nomadik processor chips are based on the combination of an ARM926 core
 together with programmable 'smart accelerators' that operate independently and
 concurrently to handle the key video and audio coding functions, including
 pre/post-processing. This distributed processing approach simplifies software
 development for developers because they typically only need to write code for
 the CPU core. In addition, since multimedia functions are not typically
 executed on the main processor core, there is more headroom for adding new
 software applications in the future.
     Nomadik processors build on ST's legacy of success and proven expertise in
 the digital multimedia segment. A pioneer in MPEG video decoding, ST is today
 the leading producer of MPEG decoder chips for set top boxes. The company is
 also a leading supplier of DSP-based audio products and the number one vendor
 of digital radio receiver chips. Thanks to ST's broad product portfolio, the
 Nomadik architecture leverages a wide range of complementary functions such as
 CMOS imagers, smart card ICs, Flash memories, biometric verification chips,
 MEMS, Bluetooth radio chips, and data storage solutions. ST's Nomadik
 architecture supports the popular operating systems for mobile devices,
 including Symbian OS, the Microsoft WinCE family and Linux.  A comprehensive
 Nomadik tools environment is provided for software development. The Nomadik
 architecture is highly scalable in terms of both computational power and smart
 accelerators, allowing easy upgrades to add more features and easy feature-
 reduction for simpler price-sensitive products.
     The programmable audio smart-accelerator implements the main
 industry-standard digital audio encoders and decoders including MP3, SBC,
 MPEG2-Layer II, AAC, and many others. The programmable video smart accelerator
 achieves the industry's lowest power consumption running H.263 and MPEG-4
 CODECs using an extremely optimized ST proprietary technology. The new H26L
 (H.264) standard will also be available in future Nomadik implementations.
     Nomadik offers a standard baseband modem interface to provide modem
 independence for mobile phone applications. As with the baseband modem, a
 simple interface supports communication with wireless PAN (Bluetooth), and
 wireless LAN (802.11a/b/g), and position location (GPS) chipsets from ST and
 other manufacturers. This flexibility gives manufacturers the freedom to
 choose their own mix of connectivity solutions across their product line.
     A leading supplier of semiconductor devices to the mobile industry,
 STMicroelectronics is the only microelectronics company offering a complete
 range of products for mobile terminals. This product range includes baseband
 processors, power management chips, RF devices, display drivers, Flash
 memories, fingerprint sensors, multimedia processors, CMOS image sensors, MEMS
 acceleration sensors, and GPS chipsets.
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     Trademarks:  Nomadik is a registered trademark of STMicroelectronics;
                  MIPI is a trademark of the MIPI Alliance.

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