Stoltenberg Consulting, Inc. and Holy Spirit Hospital Report Key Success Factors in Progress

$9 million project to improve care delivery, staff and patient satisfaction,

and business practice efficiencies

Feb 23, 2006, 00:00 ET from Stoltenberg Consulting, Inc.

    PITTSBURGH, Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The task of managing patient
 information, implementing a new clinical information system while at the same
 time providing compassionate, top-notch patient care can be challenging.  In
 addition, there is patient and health care provider satisfaction to maintain.
     These factors prompted Holy Spirit Hospital, Camp Hill, PA, to hire
 Pittsburgh-based Stoltenberg Consulting, Inc., as project manager for the
 implementation of its Siemens' Soarian(R) clinical information system.
     Holy Spirit is a 332-bed, full-service hospital located in Camp Hill,
 Pennsylvania, serving communities in the greater Harrisburg area and South
 Central Pennsylvania.
     With Soarian(R), Siemens' new generation health information solution, Holy
 Spirit will develop a fully electronic medical record.  Additionally, Holy
 Spirit will integrate clinical, financial, diagnostic and administrative
 processes to support patient-centered care.
     "This state-of-the-art package of applications working in concert with
 refined key business processes will expand Holy Spirit's clinical IT
 capability, enable practitioners to evaluate and improve patient outcomes, and
 enhance clinicians' abilities to provide excellent medical care to patients
 and the community in a safe and efficient manner," said Sheri Stoltenberg,
 chief executive officer of Stoltenberg Consulting.
     Four months into the project she describes an environment of collegiality
 and significant progress.  The pharmacy component, featuring automated
 medication administration, charting, verification, documentation and
 crosschecks, is slated to "go live" this fall.
     "Technology conversions are major events for an organization --
 encompassing multiple years and millions of dollars -- in this case $9
 million," said Edith Hunter, vice president and chief information officer at
 Holy Spirit.  "It's very ambitious and we wanted to do it right. It's a
 system-wide effort with a steadfast focus on our vision of providing even
 better patient outcomes by improving provider satisfaction, productivity and
 quality of care."
     "Stoltenberg Consulting has worked with us on other projects and has been
 a trusted advisor.  We sought this expertise for our first conversions,"
 Hunter said.
     Stoltenberg consultants, who have clinical as well as technical knowledge,
 are working on-site with Holy Spirit staff to gain their input into making the
 system implementation relevant for the specific needs of Holy Spirit.  In this
 way, Soarian's advanced technology will improve staff workflow and make all
 clinical information readily available to all care providers with electronic
 prompts and safeguards.
     "Our vision is for Stoltenberg to develop our staff strengths and
 knowledge to enable us to be self-reliant for other near term conversions,"
 Hunter noted.
     A massive, system-wide communications campaign laid the groundwork for the
 project's impact and significance. "Communication leads to buy-in which
 fosters ownership and accountability. Accountability gives you return on your
 investment," Hunter said.
     "We had anticipated some push-back," Hunter stated. "Instead, we heard
 almost a collective sigh of relief -- 'We are so ready for this!' -- system-
 wide.  It is great to see such seamless collegiality among consultants,
 staff, administration, Board and providers working shoulder-to-shoulder."
     Founded in 1995, Pittsburgh-based Stoltenberg Consulting Inc. creates an
 environment for success in the healthcare industry, bridging the gap between
 current and desired information technology capability.  Stoltenberg Consulting
 has grown rapidly to serve a client base of more than 80 healthcare
 organizations throughout the United States.  For additional information, visit

SOURCE Stoltenberg Consulting, Inc.