StorageTek Introduces the Next Generation of FlexLine V-Series Disk Storage Subsystem

V2X4f Shared Virtual Array Offers Doubled Capacity, Increased Performance and

Enhanced Features for Mainframe Environments

Aug 22, 2005, 01:00 ET from StorageTek

    BOSTON and LOUISVILLE, Colo., Aug. 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- StorageTek
 has been an industry-leading pioneer in virtual storage technology since it
 introduced its Shared Virtual Array(R) solution family to the market in 1994.
 More than a decade later, StorageTek's commitment to innovating advanced
 virtual storage solutions is stronger than ever.
     Today, from the SHARE Technology Exchange Expo, StorageTek(R) (Storage
 Technology Corporation) (NYSE:   STK), the world's trusted partner for storing
 and managing critical business information, unveiled the newest entry in its
 FlexLine(TM) V-Series Shared Virtual Array(R) (SVA) disk storage family -- the
 V2X4f for mainframe environments.  Based on StorageTek's advanced SVA
 technology, the V2X4f offers twice the capacity and up to 40 percent
 improvement in workload and response time performance over the existing V2Xf.
     The FlexLine V-Series Shared Virtual Array system is one of the most
 effective and efficient solutions available for storing, protecting and
 managing large volumes of data while reducing total cost of ownership.  With
 its advanced virtual technology, self-management and performance tuning
 capabilities, StorageTek's SVA enables customers to replicate data much
 faster, with more copies and up to 60 percent less physical disk requirement
 than other traditional storage solutions.  The SVA significantly reduces
 overall storage costs, management complexity and enables greater operational
 efficiency for the enterprise customer.
     Designed for native FICON connectivity in z/OS (MVS) and z/VM
 environments, the V2X4f is StorageTek's latest FlexLine V-Series product
 offering based on the well proven SVA technology.  It provides mainframe
 storage capabilities unattainable by most other storage solutions, such as
 over-provisioning, near instant unlimited PIT SnapShot copies and 100+ percent
 storage utilization.  The V2X4f is ideally suited for test and development,
 business continuity and disaster recovery applications where time and money
 are key factors.  The FlexLine V2X4f:
      * Helps lower overall storage cost with greater storage efficiency and
      * Gets software applications to market quickly by enabling concurrent
        test and development with multiple SnapShot data copies and restores
      * Significantly reduces the DB2 backup times by providing fully
        non-disruptive and consistent DB2 image copy via SnapShot and Virtual
        Concurrent Copy
      * Enhances Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with near instant
        PIT SnapShot, fast backup and PPRC
     "With the introduction of the V2X4f, we are extending our commitment to
 supporting the SVA technology platform while addressing the unique needs
 voiced by our loyal MVS customers from all over the globe," said Brenda
 Zawatski, vice president and general manager, Information Lifecycle Management
 Solutions, StorageTek.  "The V2X4f is one of several new product upgrades that
 we plan to unveil this year, with feature enhancements that will also extend
 the power and value of our advanced Virtual Storage Manager(R) (VSM(R))
 virtual tape solution family into the future."
     The StorageTek FlexLine V-Series SVA storage systems, including the V2X2
 and the V2X4f, offer cost-effective solutions for today's key IT challenges.
 Its advanced virtual architecture utilizes 100 percent of purchased disk
 capacity through automated storage management, eliminating the
 under-allocation and over-purchasing of capacity typically associated with
 conventional disk systems.  IT managers gain the flexibility to accommodate
 high-throughput applications and meet peak online transaction processing needs
 without purchasing additional capacity.
     FlexLine V-Series SVA storage systems deliver advanced disk mirroring,
 replication and high availability capabilities via StorageTek's exclusive
 Virtual Power Suite(R)software.  Designed specifically for StorageTek's
 V-Series, the Virtual Power Suite software enables users to copy, move and
 protect large volumes of data quickly and reliably, eliminating thousands of
 I/Os per second.  With StorageTek SnapShot software, users can make virtually
 instantaneous backups of data sets for disaster recovery applications, offline
 data processing and application development.  SVA storage systems also enable
 automatic macro management, intelligent self-tuning, automatic media
 management and facilitate disruption-free configuration changes to greatly
 simplify storage management, saving time and resources.
     For more information on StorageTek's Shared Virtual Array product family,
     The FlexLine V2X4f  product is available and shipping now.
     Customers with existing FlexLine V2Xf systems can also upgrade them the
 23TB virtual capacity (from current 11.5TB) and enhance their performance up
 to 40% with the new IPX5 processor cards.  Both are available today.
     About SHARE
     SHARE, an independent, volunteer-run association designed to provide IBM
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 and a forum to influence the IT industry.  The organization's five-day user
 event in Boston features a wide array of user-driven training opportunities
 for enterprise-class IT professionals and managers.
     StorageTek will be exhibiting the V2X4f at booth # 521. For more
 information on SHARE, visit
     About StorageTek
     StorageTek (Storage Technology Corp., NYSE:   STK) is a $2 billion global
 company that utilizes its information lifecycle management strategy to help
 businesses align the cost of storage with the value of their information.  The
 company's innovative storage solutions manage the complexity and growth of
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