StorageTek Strengthens its Market-Leading Streamline(TM) SL8500 by Adding Support for the Latest HP Tape Drives

. Enhancements Give StorageTek Customers Support for the HP LTO-3 Ultrium Tape

Drive, Expanded Software Options and Continued Support for Open Standards .

May 18, 2005, 01:00 ET from StorageTek

    LOUISVILLE, Colo., May 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- StorageTek
 (NYSE:   STK), the world's most trusted partner for storing and managing
 critical business information, today announced several enhancements to its
 market-leading StreamLine(TM) SL8500 modular tape library.  The enhancements,
 which will give customers even more options to archive and protect their
 business data, include support for the market's fastest, highest-capacity tape
 drive from HP, as well as new options for enterprise environments and a
 continued commitment to open standards.
     "The StreamLine SL8500 has already been adopted by nearly 400 customers
 over the past year, and today's announcement will significantly broaden the
 modular tape library's potential customer base," said Jon Benson, vice
 president and general manager of the Automated Tape Solutions Group at
 StorageTek.  "We know that our customers are forced to do more with tighter
 budgets, so we are aggressively improving the SL8500 to give them what they
 demand -- more storage space, increased performance, higher availability,
 online upgrades and superior enterprise-class connectivity and service."
     In addition to StorageTek's premier 9840 and 9940 enterprise tape drives,
 the StreamLine SL8500 now supports the mid-range market's fastest
 tape drive -- HP's third-generation Linear Tape-Open(TM) (LTO(R)) Ultrium
 (LTO-3).  The HP LTO-3 Ultrium, which will begin shipping in the SL8500 in
 June, offers write-once, read-many (WORM) functionality that customers are
 demanding to more cost effectively address growing compliance requirements.
 With 400GB uncompressed capacity, the LTO-3 doubles the capacity of the
 LTO-2, and its 80MB/sec data transfer rate more than doubles the performance
 of the LTO-2.
     In addition to being available with the StreamLine SL8500, the LTO-3 tape
 drive is currently available and shipping on StorageTek's legacy L180, L700e
 and L1400M tape libraries.
     Additional StreamLine SL8500 Enhancements for the Enterprise Market
     In addition to the expanded tape-drive support, the StreamLine(TM) SL8500
 offers enterprise customers even more technology, software and standards
 support, including:
      * Virtual Storage Manager(R) (VSM(R)) and SL8500 support:  Mainframe
        customers have attached VSM capabilities to maximize tape-cartridge
        capacity, resulting in more efficient use of tape drives, increased
        productivity and lower management costs.  StorageTek now offers SL8500
        customers an upgraded version of VSM that provides near-continuous
        operations that let customers change tape drives dynamically without
        interrupting service.
      * Pass-Thru Ports:  With its unique StreamLine(TM) RealTime Growth(TM)
        capability, customers can grow and add performance, for applications
        other than archives, to their SL8500 environment via pass-thru ports.
        Real-time addition of more drives, slots and robots to an existing
        SL8500 can be achieved via two to 32 pass-thru ports without
        interrupting the continuous operation of the library.
      * Host Software Component (HSC) Library Management Software Support/NCO:
        StorageTek recently introduced its Host Software Component (HSC)
        library management software version 6.1, designed to enable the
        management of StorageTek's automated tape libraries in MVS
        environments.  Working with this enhanced software, StorageTek's SL8500
        permits Near Continuous Operations (NCO) support so that customers can
        dynamically add or remove library panels of additional slots, more tape
        drives and even more libraries to an existing system.
      * Common Information Model (CIM) Support: Underscoring the company's
        commitment to open storage management standards, StorageTek recently
        announced its statement of direction to support the Common Information
        Model (CIM) and Storage Management Information (SMI) specification for
        Storage Area Network (SAN)-based storage management.  CIM has been
        endorsed by the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) as the
        technology that will enable simplified multi-vendor management of
        storage networks.  As an active participant in SNIA's CIM Storage Media
        Library (SML) technical working group for tape library storage,
        StorageTek has been a contributor to the standards that will provide
        industry wide benefits to large and small businesses.  General
        availability of the StorageTek CIM Provider for libraries and ACSLS
        software environments is expected by mid-2005.
      Customers Value the StreamLine SL8500's Reliability and Scalability
      Customers who are protecting and archiving their business data with the
 StreamLine SL8500 include SARA Computing and Networking Services, Infocamere,
 and Cineca.
     SARA Computing and Networking Services, an advanced IT service center that
 offers a complete package of high-performance, network and infrastructure
 services, uses the StreamLine SL8500 for back-up and data migration.
     "Our High-Performance Computing (HPC) product portfolio consists of the
 national Supercomputer TERAS/ASTER and several other supercomputers with a
 variety of architectures," said Eric Heemskerk, business development manager
 at SARA Computing and Networking Services.  "To manage the ferociously
 expanding amount of data generated by these supercomputers, we needed a
 storage solution that was not only robust, but also technically superior.  The
 SL8500 will not only help accommodate the future growth of our data center,
 but also provides us with an extremely scalable solution, which is ideal for
 consolidating many of the smaller libraries of our customers.  It also enables
 our company to ensure our high-value data is well-protected, yet easily
 accessible, at a much lower cost."  Infocamere, which operates the national
 data system linking Italy's 103 Chambers of Commerce and 300 branch offices,
 uses the StreamLine(TM) SL8500 to manage the increased flow of data running
 through its business.
     "The increase in size of our business caused our data to grow tremendously
 and accelerated our need to archive and protect, causing storage management
 problems," said Roberto Fontanella, head of operating support architecture,
 network and services at Infocamere. "Using the SL8500, we've consolidated our
 data from six libraries to one, with mixed media supporting different
 operating systems.  With the help of StorageTek's SL8500, we've been able to
 save and protect our investments and simplify infrastructure management".
     Sergio Bernardi, the head of systems management at Cineca, an
 inter-university consortium in Italy, said, "The success of our services
 depends on effectively storing and accessing large amounts of data necessary
 to the scientific research of the 24 universities in our consortium.  The
 SL8500 provides us with the ideal solution to manage our information at a
 lower cost.  It also offers unmatched consolidation capabilities, high
 availability, performance and scalability -- all without taking up much data
 center space."
     About StorageTek
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 company's innovative storage solutions manage the complexity and growth of
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