Stratabase Announces Strong Fourth Quarter and Year End Results

"Revenues Increase Dramatically, Positive Net Income in Q4, 2000"

Apr 09, 2001, 01:00 ET from Inc.

    ABBOTSFORD, BC, April 9 /PRNewswire/ - The Open Source business model
 continues to gain credibility with Stratabase's announcement of increased
 revenues and positive Q4 net income.
     "We are delighted to be able to announce positive financial results. In
 this turbulent market and unsteady economy, we are pleased to be one of the
 only IT companies to show extraordinary sales growth and positive net income
 for Q4 2000," said Trevor Newton, Founder & CEO, Stratabase.
     Stratabase, a leading developer of Open Source CRM and enterprise
 solutions, announced financial results for the fourth quarter and year ending
 December 31, 2000.
     Revenues for 2000 were $1.3 million compared to $41,813 for 1999, with a
 net loss in 2000 of $97,056. This increase in revenues has been primarily
 attributable to increased demand for Stratabase's CRM services and enterprise
     In Q4 2000 the company had revenues of $668,348 and net income of
     Commenting on the annual and fourth quarter results, Trevor Newton stated
 "The business success we have demonstrated to date reflects positively on our
 revenue model. Our priorities for the next twelve months are to continue to
 grow our core business and expand the size and quality of our customer base.
 We believe that we can continue to improve upon the tremendous progress made
 in our fourth quarter 2000 operating metrics."
     Stratabase develops Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
 software for its clients and for general distribution, and sells integrated
 enterprise solutions to businesses.
     Stratabase's Open Source CRM software is designed to allow enterprises to
 conduct relationship management through the use of sales force automation and
 email-marketing automation software. These solutions allow enterprises to
 manage sales relationship and contacts, automate forecasting and the sales
 opportunity pipeline, conduct mass-customized communications, and track and
 manage large-scale custom email campaigns. The source code and documentation
 is free and available for download at
     About Stratabase
     Stratabase is a leading provider of Open Source CRM software and
 enterprise solutions, and is the original developer and primary sponsor of
 Relata software. Stratabase provides and maintains the infrastructure for its
 development community, a rapidly growing group of developers from around the
 world who have adopted Relata as the basis for a broad range of applications.
 Stratabase provides technical solutions to enterprises with a focus on
 Customer Relationship Management.
     Stratabase and Relata are trademarks of Stratabase Inc. All other
 trademarks belong to their respective holders. This announcement contains
 forward-looking statements which involve risks and uncertainties that include,
 among others, Stratabase's limited operating history, anticipated losses,
 risks related to Open Source software development, limited access to operating
 capital, and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or
 achievements of the Company to be materially different from any future
 results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-
 looking statements. More information is included in Stratabase's filings with
 the Securities and Exchange Commission which may be accessed through the SEC's
 web site at