Stratos Optical HDTV Fiberoptic Transport Products Selected for Senior PGA Tour, U.S. Open

- NEP Supershooters Selects Stratos' Media Converters and Racks for High

Profile Pro Golfing Events -

Jun 26, 2006, 01:00 ET from Stratos International

    CHICAGO, June 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The sweat on their brows,
 the dimples on the ball, the detail of the grass -- this summer's hot Pro
 Golf Tour has never looked sharper in the homes, clubs and sports bars of
 fans around the world. Behind these popular, high visibility HDTV
 broadcasts is NEP Supershooters. As the creative possibilities and consumer
 appetite for exciting, engaging, stunningly produced sporting events like
 the PGA Tour and prime time football put the press on broadcasters, NEP
 SuperShooters has gained a reputation as the gold standard for
 state-of-the-art mobile broadcast of live sports entertainment. And
 enabling the vital fiberoptic connectivity needed for a flawless live
 production are miniature video media converters (M-VMC's) and video media
 converter racks (VMCR's) from Stratos Optical Technologies.
     Stratos Optical Technologies is a leading innovator of fiber
 connectivity solutions for broadcasters, offering a full line of products
 for fiber transport of HDTV signals from the source, between production
 trucks, and all point-to-point HD signal deployment. The VMC's employed by
 NEP Supershooters for the Pro Golf Tour are recognized as the best of breed
 among broadcasters. They provide the necessary media conversion between
 legacy BNC-equipped 75-ohm coax equipment to a fiber link that eliminates
 distance restrictions and re- clocking issues encountered with HDTV signal
     Also employed for the PGA Tour are Stratos VMCR kits. These provide
 rugged 1-RU high housing, power and diagnostics for up to 16 channels of
 BNC-to-fiber conversion. Inside, transmit and receive modules can be custom
 configured to accommodate various OB, ENG and studio assignments.
     The PGA tour is not the first high profile showing for the Stratos
 products -- they were performing behind the scenes for Hollywood's red
 carpet awards night, Super Bowl XXXVIII, and the Olympics to name a few. As
 fiber becomes the standard for live productions and more fiber networks are
 installed in new and existing stadiums, Stratos' expanding product line
 offers reliable solutions for bringing crystal clear images home to the
     For price and delivery quotations contact Broadcast Product Manager
 Bill Hollis at 708-457-2513 ( ). Product
 information is available on the company website .
     About Stratos Optical Technologies
     Stratos Optical Technologies is a leading innovator in the video
 transport market, leveraging the company's technical expertise in the
 design of optoelectronics and miniaturized packaging. The company offers a
 range of digital video aggregation and transport solutions that are
 compliant with DVB- ASI and SMPTE HD/SD/SDI protocol standards, from
 video-capable transmit/receive modules to customized subsystems. Stratos is
 expanding to address other related signals like audio, data and remote
     About NEP Supershooters, division of NEP Broadcasting
     Award-winning NEP Supershooters is known as the gold standard in TV
 production, providing state-of-the-art mobile broadcast facilities
 supported by the best technical expertise and production services. The
 company designs, builds and maintains its own facilities, creating
 customized mobile production units to match specific client needs and to
 provide complete customer satisfaction.
     The world's leading broadcasting organizations and networks depend on
 NEP for major sporting and entertainment events.
     NEP Broadcasting LLC is the leading international provider of
 outsourced teleproduction services critical to the delivery of live sports
 and entertainment events. The world's premiere broadcast networks and
 production companies look to NEP to provide state-of-the-art facilities,
 engineering expertise and the finest customer service, in support of
 telecasts of major events and programs around the globe.
     Corporate headquarters for NEP Broadcasting LLC is located in
 Pittsburgh, PA 15238. More information is available on the company website .

SOURCE Stratos International