Strix Announces WiMAX Strategy for its High-Performance Mesh Networking Systems, Joins WiMAX Forum

Strix Access/One Solutions Already WiMAX-Ready

Oct 03, 2005, 01:00 ET from Strix Systems Inc.

    CALABASAS, Calif., Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Strix Systems, the leader in
 high-performance wireless mesh networking, today announced its strategy for
 implementing WiMAX in its products.  The company's Access/One products provide
 WiMAX-like performance today, and their modular design means moving to WiMAX
 and ultimately to mobile WiMAX is a simple field upgrade.  The company also
 announced today that it has joined the WiMAX Forum, a community of leading
 WiMAX product and service providers that are committed to developing solutions
 based on Intel technologies.
     With per-channel network performance of 54 Mbps, Strix's Access/One
 products already handle the kind of demanding applications such as VoIP and
 video streaming that WiMAX will support.  Also, Strix's WiFi-based mesh
 technology already provides ubiquitous broadband coverage with a range of
 several hundred meters outdoors.  WiMAX promises to increase range and quality
 of throughput with an Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM)-based
 modulation technique that will achieve a maximum coverage radius outdoors
 using OFD Multiple Access (OFDMA)
     "Our customers want to extract maximum advantage from their Strix
 deployments now and in the future; that's why we're committed to providing the
 best performance in the industry today with our multi-radio, multi-channel,
 multi-RF system and continuing that performance lead by making the upgrade to
 WiMAX simple," said Cyrus Irani, Vice President of Advanced Development and
 Strategy at Strix Systems.  "When interoperable WiMAX becomes available, our
 networks will be ready.  We'll support in-network upgrades to WiMAX radios
 that will enhance our high-speed backhaul inside the wireless mesh, and we'll
 be able to offer our customers mobile access to broadband services when phase
 two of WiMAX becomes available in late 2006 or early 2007.  Becoming a member
 of the WiMAX Forum ensures that we'll be able to keep our Access/One solution
 in synch with the latest WiMAX developments."
     High-Performance, WiMAX-Ready Architecture
     Strix's Access/One solutions employ a unique modular, multi-radio,
 multi-channel, and multi-RF wireless mesh architecture that provides the high
 throughput and low latency needed to support wireless voice, video, and data
 applications today.  This modular architecture is fully flexible and scalable,
 and can be easily upgraded to support emerging standardized wireless
 technologies such as WiMAX.  Strix can offer its customers in-network WiMAX
 simply by adding WiMAX-enabled radios to their existing nodes, which will
 provide 802.16 backhaul.
     Strix's architecture already provides mechanisms to support QoS, solving
 problems such as bandwidth degradation, network latency, and application
 priority contention.  The architecture also provides end-to-end prioritization
 of voice traffic.  When mobile WiMAX becomes available, the company will be
 able to support seamless, end-to-end QoS for VoIP and other real-time
 applications across its integrated WiFi and WiMAX systems.
     Because Strix networks operate at both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz unlicensed
 spectra, they can separate client access from the mesh backbone, enabling the
 system to dynamically optimize data paths, circumnavigate network congestion
 and interference, and adjust in real time to avoid network failure.  Strix's
 WiMAX solution will allow the company to address the needs of service
 providers who operate in the licensed spectrum as well and to cater to those
 providers that want to move up to licensed spectrum.
     About Strix Systems
     Strix Systems designs, develops, and delivers high performance wireless
 mesh networking systems based on the company's unique multi-radio,
 multi-channel and multi-RF wireless architecture.  Sold globally by a network
 of integrators and resellers, these solutions address the high cost of
 hard-to-wire environments while providing the high throughput and low latency
 needed to support wireless voice, video, and data applications.  Strix's
 Access/One solutions provide scalable, reliable wireless connectivity in both
 indoor enterprise deployments as well as in the emerging outdoor public
 safety, municipal, and metropolitan Wi-Fi marketplace.
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