Studer Solutions(SM) Target Key Health Care Management Issues

Suite of Turn-Key Products Address Patient, Staff and Management Needs

Nov 21, 2005, 00:00 ET from The Studer Group

    GULF BREEZE, Fla., Nov. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Six years ago next week, the
 Institute of Medicine issued its landmark report To Err is Human: Building a
 Safer Health System, stating that health care in the United States is not as
 safe as it should be or could be. The report noted that at least 44,000
 people, possibly as many as 98,000, die each year in hospitals as a result of
 medical errors.
     In addition, a survey released this month by the Commonwealth Fund found
 that U.S. patients reported higher rates of medical errors and more
 disorganized doctor visits and out-of-pocket costs than people in Canada,
 Britain, Australia, Germany and New Zealand.
     While patient safety and satisfaction continues to be an issue, the Studer
 Group has developed a series of software programs, videos, books, and support
 materials designed to help the health care industry reverse this trend.
     Studer Solutions(SM).
     "Throughout decades of interaction with hospital staff, patients and
 health care management, we have identified the major areas that prevent
 organizations from operating at optimal levels," said Quint Studer, Studer
 Group founder and CEO. "With the launch of Studer Solutions, we are finally
 able to offer the industry a set of turn-key solutions to allow them to
 achieve operational excellence."
     Anchored by new software program Discharge Call Manager, Studer Solutions
 offer hospital CEOs, unit managers, and human resource professionals proven
 methods to increase patient safety and satisfaction, amplify internal
 communication and increase employee productivity.
     Discharge Call Manager
     Studies show that nearly 20 percent of discharged patients experience an
 adverse event after leaving the hospital. They take their medicine
 incorrectly. They don't change their dressings often enough. They often have
 questions, but no one to ask. Discharge Call Manager can help hospitals
 address that issue.
     According to the Feb. 4, 2003 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine,
 the essential role that discharge phone calls play in clinical outcomes and
 patient satisfaction make these calls the critical, final step in providing
 excellent patient care. Discharge Call Manager automates this process,
 allowing staff to quickly reconfirm patient discharge instructions -- reducing
 patient anxiety, complaints and claims while reinforcing satisfaction, safety
 and perception of care.
     Studer Group offers a host of other software, Web-based and video based
 coaching tools through Studer Solutions:
     Rounding Manager
     Rounding Manager software enables health care organizations to capture,
 monitor and utilize operational and performance data in real time. Combining
 point-of-care patient information, real-time employee performance data and
 service reports into one tool, Rounding Manager increases organizational
 collaboration, standardizes content, resulting in increased patient
 satisfaction and safety.
     Leader Evaluation Manager (LEM)
     A Web-based, objective system, LEM allows users to enter, access and share
 company goals and data in a standardized format. Clear results measurement and
 employee accountability -- combined with annual leader evaluations, monthly
 report cards and 90-day plans -- ensure the highest possible performance level
 of your leaders.
     HighMiddleLow Performer Conversations (HML)
     This video-based coaching product helps leaders recognize and retain high
 performers, identify and develop skills for middle performers and outline
 specific strategies for improving low performers. The real-life situations
 depicted in the video are appropriate for group or individual learning
 sessions, offering senior leadership and human resource professionals
     An acronym for Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation and Thank
 You, AIDET interactive videos are designed to enhance communication within not
 only an organization, but with patients and vendors as well. Employees
 practicing the AIDET system can help a health care organization reduce patient
 anxiety, improve patient compliance, clinical outcomes and increase patient
     This library of five video-based depictions of real-world situations,
 featuring Quint Studer, serves to bolster the suite of Studer Solutions. The
 series includes "Discharge Phone Calls," "Employee Thank You Notes," "Key
 Words at Key Times," "Rounding for Outcomes," and "Selections & the First 90
     About the Studer Group
     The Studer Group helps organizations achieve operational excellence by
 creating environments that make health facilities and hospitals a better place
 for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine and patients to receive
 care. Learn more about the Studer Group at
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