Successful Debut of Nansulate(TM) Liquid Applied Insulation and Anti-Corrosion Coating Leads to Product Line Expansions for Industrial Nanotech, Inc.

Aug 16, 2004, 01:00 ET from Industrial Nanotech, Inc.

    CHEYENNE, Wyo., Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Industrial Nanotech, Inc.
 (, the nanotechnology company that created
 Nansulate(TM) liquid applied insulation and anti-corrosion coating, is
 expanding its product line.
     "After we launched Nansulate(TM) in April of this year, we were contacted
 by national and international corporations with particular requirements. We
 made certain revisions to our formulation, solved their problem and expanded
 our product line simultaneously," states Laurie Scherock, President of
 Industrial Nanotech, Inc.
     April through August the company tested its new products. With virtually
 no advertising other than its company website, one advertisement in a trade
 magazine and one press release, sales started immediately and increased 212%
 during that period.
     "The steady increase gave us the chance to make sure the systems were in
 place to handle increased promotion of new products," added Ms. Scherock.
     Generally, a variation of the original Nansulate(TM) formula will fit the
 requested performance requirements without losing any of the original
 qualities of adhesion, insulation and corrosion protection.
     "Most of the credit goes to our scientific team," emphasizes Francesca
 Crolley, VP of Operations and Marketing. "They are talented, and take on new
 challenges with enthusiasm."
     Industrial Nanotech, Inc. is known for taking on very tough projects. For
 example, the company is currently working on a coating that can provide the
 same level of insulation and corrosion protection while submerged in the
     "The project is particularly challenging. First, we are dealing with
 nanotechnology, new applications for new materials. Second, the marine
 environment is extremely harsh. A standard ASTM B-117 salt fog exposure test
 won't provide the data proving your product is tough enough," said Stuart
 Burchill, CEO.
     "We have a complex and thorough series of tests that closely resembles the
 true chemistry of the ocean environment and accurately simulates the harsh and
 extreme weather conditions our products would experience. If it can pass this,
 we'll put our name on it!"
     Industrial Nanotech, Inc. invests and participates in nanoscience research
 with the world's leading scientists to create innovative, patented
 technologies. It then develops those technologies into commercial products for
 industry. Some have general applications and are for sale to the public.
 Products are available from the company and a worldwide network of
      Contact: Stuart Burchill, 800.767.3998 (US, Canada)
 909.324.7121 (International)
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