'Suddenly Senior' Takes Humorous Look at Geezers

Jun 27, 2000, 01:00 ET from SuddenlySenior.com

    MIAMI, June 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The new weekly Internet column called
 Suddenly Senior speaks seriously to and about 60 million Americans often
 overlooked by media and advertisers.  The Internet magazine,
 suddenlysenior.com, features humor and hope for those 50- to 75-years old who
 'became senior before their time.'
     "That's all of us," says 64-year-old Frank Kaiser, the site's writer,
 editor and 'chief bottle washer.'  "Even the thousands of Boomers who now
 daily join the senior ranks need someone to echo their deepest feelings, hopes
 and fears -- someone reporting from the front lines of the profound experience
 of becoming a geezer and enjoying it.  'Suddenly Senior' provides that voice
 with warmth, humor, clarity and in-your-face honesty."
     Topics include nostalgia, changes noticed but seldom mentioned by the
 senior set (ear hairs, ever-growing noses), sex now and then, even rants about
 social security and job discrimination.  Kaiser includes many other writers on
 his site.  "If it's a fresh, funny look at seniordom, it's on the 'Suddenly
 Senior' site," he declares.
     "Suddenly Senior" syndicates to national newspapers and magazines.  "When
 I turned senior I saw that newspapers rewarded me with dull stuff like stock
 tips, retirement and gardening advice," says Kaiser.  "Being a senior is so
 much more than that."
     Kaiser's site already has a devoted following.  Every day, e-mail shows
 that Kaiser has apparently struck a resonant chord.  Al Christian of Key
 Largo, Florida writes, "Suddenly Senior really tells it like it is.  My wife,
 June, and I can't wait each week to see how closely you capture our lives and
 hopes.  You're a funny guy, Frank Kaiser!"  A recent review from Briefme.com
 declared, "Check out Frank Kaiser's 'Suddenly Senior' web site to get the real
 truth of growing up and older in a society that has difficulty acknowledging
 and respecting older folks.  Real stories through real-life experiences will
 touch your heart and your funny bone!  You will gain a sense of humor and
 reality from these true tales."
     For more information, visit www.suddenlysenior.com .
     CONTACT:  Frank Kaiser, Editor of SuddenlySenior.com, 305-754-8833, fax,
 305-757-2448, web, http://www.suddenlysenior.com , or e-mail,
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