Summer Term Produces 25 Graduates In Nation's Largest Online MBA Program; Number Of Graduates Grows Exponentially In 18-Month-Old Program

Jun 25, 1999, 01:00 ET from University Alliance

    TAMPA, Fla., June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- For most of the 25 graduate
 candidates enrolled in their final course of Regis University's External MBA
 program, the road to an accredited Master's degree began nearly two years ago.
 Today, ten courses and 30 credit hours later, this elite group of individuals
 has reached an educational milestone -- without ever meeting each other face
 to face in a university classroom.
     Initiated in January 1997, Regis University's online MBA program is
 available through the University Alliance ( in
 Tampa, Florida.  With 1,200 students enrolled, and 84 total graduates, it is
 the nation's largest online MBA program and can be completed in less than two
 years.  Students interact with professors via multimedia and Internet
 technologies, with no classroom attendance required.  The courses are
 challenging, but graduates find the convenience and flexibility unmatched.
     "The fact that one does not have to physically attend class is a great
 help," said Gregory Geiger, division manager for John Deere in Reno, Nevada.
 "I've been transferred eight times in 17 years.  It would have been nearly
 impossible for me to complete a traditional MBA program."
     The situation was similar for Kevin Mulligan, assistant controller for
 Ciba Specialty Chemical in High Point, North Carolina.  He tried a traditional
 land-based program, but when it quickly interfered with family life, he found
 a better solution online.  "I like the flexibility, especially when I'm on the
 road," he explained.  Regis University's regional accreditation and 120-year-
 old reputation were also a plus.  "Why make the financial investment if the
 program has no seal of approval?" he said.
     Reputation and regional accreditation were also important factors for Joe
 Scott, who learned about Regis' online MBA in The New York Times.  A safety
 standards engineer for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in
 Washington, DC, Scott knows his employer is looking for individuals with
 business acumen.  "This program is tailored to meet their needs and my career
 aspirations," he said.  The program's flexibility also meant Scott could watch
 videotapes in the family van while his wife drove the carpool to work.
     Maximizing time is Anne Cremarosa's specialty.  Injured on the job, she
 used her disability leave advantageously, doubling up on classes to complete
 the Regis external MBA in about eight months, nearly a year ahead of schedule.
 "I really liked that I could revisit the lectures and listen to any part I
 missed," she said.  "Plus, I was able to study in our motorhome."  Cremarosa
 hopes to parlay her knowledge into a teaching position at a California junior
     Regis University's External MBA program, as well as regionally accredited
 online Bachelor's degree programs from Florida's Saint Leo College, are made
 available through the University Alliance (
 Classes begin every eight weeks.  For more information visit the website or
 call 1-888-622-7344.  Media, request extension 384.

SOURCE University Alliance