Sun Adds Java DB and Swing Visual Designer to Java Development Kit and Enters Next Phase for Java Platform Standard Edition 6

Founder Technology Group and Lenovo to Distribute Java Runtime Environment

Jun 21, 2006, 01:00 ET from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sun
 Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq:   SUNW), the creator and leading advocate of
 Java(TM) technology, today announced it will be incorporating Java(TM) DB,
 the Sun supported distribution of the open source Apache Derby Project, as
 well as the Group Layout component from the NetBeans(TM) GUI Builder
 code-named Project Matisse ( ) into the
 latest version of the Java(TM) Platform Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6)
 Java(TM) Development Kit (JDK). In addition, Sun announced new agreements
 with Founder Technology Group and Lenovo to ship the Java(TM)Runtime
 Environment (JRE) on their hardware.
     The second Beta release of Java SE 6 technology is now available at: . Developers are encouraged to begin their
 transition to Java SE 6 platform and leverage the enhancements and expanded
 functionality of the latest release. Scheduled for final release in the
 Fall of 2006, the Java SE 6 platform is the result of an industry-wide
 development effort that involves open review, weekly builds and extensive
 collaboration between Sun engineers and over 330 external developers. In
 addition, Sun announced the expansion of service programs for Java SE 6
 developers ranging from programming-specific advice to enterprise support
 with its Sun(SM) Developer Expert Assistance (DEA) Program and Sun(SM)
 Developer Service Plans (DSP).
     Java DB in Java SE 6
     Beginning today, Java DB will be available through the early access
 weekly builds of Java SE 6 at: . Although it
 has a footprint of only two megabytes (MB), Java DB is a sophisticated,
 fully transactional, relational Java technology-based database with support
 for open standards, triggers, and stored procedures. Java DB can be used
 either in client-server mode or embedded directly into a Java application
 where it can run in the same Java(TM) Virtual Machine (JVM(TM)),
 eliminating the need to acquire, download, install, or administer the
 database separately from the application. Sun offers support services for
 customers who choose to use Java DB in production.
     Rapid Visual Development of Swing Applications
     Java SE 6 will also include the new layout manager component that
 enables developers to create standards-based GUI layouts easily and
 efficiently. GroupLayout is a key component of the NetBeans GUI Builder
 (code named Project Matisse) that makes the design of a Java technology GUI
 as simple as using a WYSIWYG drawing program. With a form builder that
 provides visual guidelines for optimal spacing between components and their
 alignments, there is no need to know the underlying Swing constructs or
 guidelines for different looks and feels.
 ( )
     Expanding Java Technology Availability on the Desktop
     Founder Technology Group and Lenovo have both signed licensing
 agreements to ship the latest JRE on a broad range of business and consumer
 desktop and notebook PCs starting as early as the third quarter of this
 year. As a result, their customers will have immediate access to the latest
 Java technology-based content and applications. With this announcement,
 Founder Technology Group and Lenovo join the list of leading PC
 manufacturers around the world that distribute the Java platform on their
 hardware, which also includes: Acer, Apple Computer Inc., Dell Computer
 Corporation, Gateway, HP, Samsung, Toshiba and Tsinghua Tongfang.
     Sun recently launched a new program for PC Original Equipment
 Manufacturers (OEMs) to distribute Java SE technology. Using a simple
 online application and single 'click-through' approval of the distribution
 agreement PC OEMs can sign up for the program at:
 Once approved into the program, the companies can distribute Java SE
 technology on the systems they deliver and receive online support for the
 integration of the Java platform into their installation, configuration and
 distribution processes.
     Compatibility Matters
     A top priority for the Java SE 6 software is to protect developers'
 current and future investments by helping to ensure compatibility. Earlier
 this year, Sun sponsored the "Regressions Challenge" contest and invited
 developers to test their applications on the Java SE 6 platform. The
 contest resulted in more than 130 submissions and 72 bugs were filed --
 more than half of which already have fixes
 ( ). In addition,
 almost 160 companies are working with Sun to help enable compatibility by
 actively testing their Java technology-based applications on the Java SE 6
     Developers are encouraged to try out the latest features in Java SE 6
 software Beta using the NetBeans IDE 5.0 software tools via download at Sun's Developer Services programs
 ( ) offer Java developers a complete line
 of developer how-to help, product support and updates, and training that
 reduces time and risk for the entire application lifecycle -- from
 development through deployment. Java developers are also encouraged to join
 the Sun(SM) Developer Network Program, at no cost, by registering online
 at: .
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