Sun Announces Sun Grid Engine 5.2 Software for the Linux Platform

Sun Microsystems Continues Its Commitment to Make Distributed Resource

Management Software Ubiquitous by Making Sun(TM) Grid Engine 5.2 Software

Available Free to Linux Community

Jan 31, 2001, 00:00 ET from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    NEW YORK, LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ --
 Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq:   SUNW) further extends its resources to technical
 computing customers with the announcement today of Sun(TM) Grid Engine 5.2
 software for the Linux platform.  The distributed resource management software
 is a free download via Sun's website at .
     Building on the success of Sun Grid Engine software for the Solaris(TM)
 Operating Environment -- which has been downloaded by over 1000 organizations
 in 70 countries since its launch last year -- Sun's Grid Engine software now
 addresses the majority of the UNIX(R) marketplace.
     "Linux and other open source software has been an accepted part of
 technical and high performance computing for quite some time," said
 Dan Kusnetzky, IDC's Vice President for System Software Research. "Sun Grid
 Engine software could certainly add value when implementing heterogeneous
 distributed computing environments and is a welcome addition."
     Distributed resource management (DRM) software such as the Sun Grid Engine
 product is designed to harness idle compute resources, match them to
 individual job requirements and deliver network-wide compute power to the
 desktop.  Through this horizontal scaling, Sun Grid Engine software manages an
 organization's compute resources, allowing engineers to move beyond the
 desktop and leverage all the resources available on the net, thus reducing
 cycle times, speeding time to market and fundamentally changing the economics
 of technical computing.
     "As design complexity and data set sizes grow exponentially, the need for
 computing resources also increases dramatically," said Mark Canepa, Sun's Vice
 President of Internet, Desktop and Server Group. "By distributing Sun Grid
 Engine for Solaris and Linux platforms free of charge, Sun is changing the
 economics of technical computing, eliminating all entry-level implementation
 costs and improving return on total technical computing investments in the
 wider UNIX marketplace."
     Sun foresees "technical compute farms" -- the architecture created using
 Sun Grid Engine software -- as the platform of choice for high-performance
 computing. Sun Grid Engine software is designed to provide the massive
 scalability and agility needed to help companies keep pace with and capitalize
 on the Net Effect -- the macro-economic trend that is driving the exponential
 growth and increasing complexity the industry is experiencing as data, users,
 devices, services and availability requirements continue to multiply.
     DRM software helps solve the problem of how to apply maximum resources to
 a single compute-intensive problem, and achieving massive scalability within
 the technical marketplace. An optimized technical compute farm using Sun Grid
 Engine software can push the utilization of an organization's computing
 resources from a typical 20 percent to as high as 90 percent.
     Following through on its commitment to make Sun Grid Engine software a
 ubiquitous industry model, Sun Microsystems, plans to distribute the source
 code of its software under an industry-accepted open source license, through
 an alliance with CollabNet.  This joint effort, expected to roll out during
 the next six months, should facilitate increased adoption of the distributed
 technical compute farm model.
     Sun Grid Engine software is offered free via download at the website .  A convenience CD will soon be available for a
 nominal charge for customers who have difficulty downloading large files over
 the Internet. Web-based resources, including product information and online
 training, are also available at to Linux users of
 Sun Grid Engine.
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