Sun Celebrates Successful One-Year Anniversary of OpenSolaris and 5 Million Registered Licenses of the Solaris 10 Operating System

Sun Developers, System Administrators and Customers Embrace Thriving Open

Source Business Model and Deliver Innovative New Contributions to Solaris

10 Through the OpenSolaris Community

Jun 20, 2006, 01:00 ET from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sun
 Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq:   SUNW) today announced that in the one year
 since the award-winning OpenSolaris(TM) community went live, it has
 experienced tremendous growth in the open source community and customer
 adoption. Since open sourcing the Solaris(TM) Operating System (OS) in June
 2005, Sun has seen the OpenSolaris community grow to more than 14,000
 members while Solaris 10 has exceeded 5 million registered license
 shipments -- more than its competitors have shipped collectively in the
 last 18 months, and more than all current Solaris OS versions combined.
     "Since open sourcing the Solaris OS last year, we have exceeded our
 business and adoption growth targets year-over-year. Over 85 percent of the
 Fortune 500 have the Solaris 10 OS in development or production," said Rich
 Green, executive vice president of Software at Sun Microsystems. "This
 tremendous growth is a direct result of our three part strategy to invest
 in and deliver the most advanced operating system on the planet, adopt a
 new Software as a Service business model and reinvigorate the Sun developer
 community with free and open source software."
     The OpenSolaris community has accomplished many milestones in its first
 year with over 14,000 members, 29 user groups around the world, 40
 communities, 27 active projects and more than 100 putbacks. Sun has been
 working with customers across a variety of industries to solve their
 business problems by delivering a combination of some of the best open
 source and enterprise technologies supported by Sun. Key OpenSolaris
 customers include Joyent, the creator of the Team Computer concept, who has
 built applications, tools and unique on-demand service and hardware
 solutions on OpenSolaris and Solaris(TM) ZFS. To access a list of
 OpenSolaris contributors visit:
     To learn more about OpenSolaris, visit:
 To join the community, visit
     The Solaris 10 OS continues to attract new customers, including:
     o Twenty First Century Communications, a privately-held telecommunications
       ASP, leveraged the Solaris 10 OS and Sun's Sun Fire(TM) x64 (x86,
       64-bit) servers to drive substantial savings and deliver a wide-variety
       of client-facing applications in Canada, the UK and the US.
     o The University of Ulm in Germany is leveraging the Solaris 10 OS and
       Solaris ZFS to migrate their home directories. Solaris ZFS is designed
       to reduce the amount of time it takes to re-sync mirrors for their mail
       or cache directories from 8 or more hours, to only 20 minutes when the
       file systems are not so full.
     o Parago, a promotional management company focused on innovative Customer
       Lifecycle Marketing solutions, has been testing Solaris ZFS with their
       database technology. Parago has found that Solaris ZFS can be leveraged
       to reduce storage administration overhead and optimize space utilization
       which therefore makes it a great complement to a database platform.
     o Tellme Networks combines open standards and voice recognition to operate
       the world's largest voice and data application network for the phone.
       Tellme relies on the unique combination of speed, scalability and
       reliability of the Solaris 10 OS to process the billions of calls its
       network receives every year. The Solaris 10 OS' "out of the box"
       multithreading performance, combined with the Dynamic Tracing framework
       (DTrace) have enabled Tellme to maximize systems efficiency and
       performance in rapid time. The fine grained access and observability of
       DTrace, on both x86 and SPARC(R) processor-based systems, allows Tellme
       to focus on creating new and innovative solutions. Running the Solaris
       OS underscores Tellme's commitment to using open standards to change the
       way people use the phone everyday.
     Sun also announced availability today of the next update to the Solaris
 10 OS, Solaris 10 6/06, that has been enhanced with new features developed
 in both the OpenSolaris and wider open source communities. Key features
 include Solaris ZFS 1.0, a revolutionary new file system that can provide
 one of the highest levels of data integrity and security, as well as
 PostgreSQL for Solaris, Predictive Self-Healing for x86 and x64 servers
 equipped with the AMD Opteron(TM) processor and new high-performance
 networking functionality. These advanced features enhance the already
 powerful Solaris 10 OS, which is guaranteed to run thousands of existing
 Solaris applications on over 650 x64/x86 platforms and on over 100 SPARC
 platforms. This industry leading combination of OS features, applications
 and supported platforms has resulted in a product which has delivered over
 100 world-record performance benchmarks and is available from over 40
 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Sun also announced that it will
 offer Software Service Plans to support customers who are using the
 PostgreSQL open source database on Solaris 10. For more information, please
 go to:
     Customers interested in downloading the Solaris 10 OS can also get
 access to the Solaris Enterprise System which contains the Sun Java(TM)
 Enterprise System (Java ES), Sun N1(TM) System Manager software and Sun(TM)
 Studio software developer tools at no cost for both development and
 deployment. All of this software makes the Solaris Enterprise System the
 only comprehensive and open infrastructure software platform available
 today, and is the only enterprise alternative to Microsoft.
     For more information on the Solaris Enterprise System, including a
 comprehensive and detailed list of new Solaris OS features and
 functionality, please visit:
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