Sun Makes First Public Demonstration of Multi-Core x64 AMD Opteron Processor on Netra ATCA Blade Server at VON

Announces Support for UltraSPARC and AMD Opteron Processor-Based Blades in

Same ATCA Server with Choice of Solaris or MontaVista Linux Operating Systems

Sep 20, 2005, 01:00 ET from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    BOSTON, VON Conference (Booth #1101), Sept. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
 Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq:   SUNW) today made the first public
 demonstration of its upcoming Netra(TM) ATCA (advanced telecom computing
 architecture) blade server powered with the multi-core AMD Opteron
 processor-and running Solaris (TM) 10 Operating System (OS) at the 2005 VON
 (Voice on the Net) Conference. Sun's ATCA blade platform will be able to
 support both SPARC(R) and AMD Opteron processor-based blades in the same
 chassis with choice of operating systems, including the Solaris OS and
 MontaVista Linux.
     The ATCA blade server with the SPARC processor is scheduled for release at
 the end of 2005 with the AMD Opteron processor-based blade scheduled for
 release at the end of the first quarter of 2006.
     "Today we are demonstrating a major step toward enabling choice in our
 upcoming ATCA platform. This will be the first carrier grade Sun product to
 offer AMD Opteron and SPARC processor-based blades with the Solaris OS and
 Linux support to meet the needs of our NEP and service provider customers,"
 said Raju Penumatcha, VP of Netra Systems and Networking, Sun Microsystems.
 "This demonstration validates the importance of choice in Sun's ATCA strategy
 for high-performance, highly available, next-generation telecom services."
     Sun will bring the advantages of the proven, carrier grade Solaris 10 OS
 with a common standards-based management and availability suite to those
 customers who choose to use the AMD Opteron processor in Sun's ATCA blade
 platform. This combination will provide high performance carrier grade
 reliability with a lower total cost of development and ownership for emerging
 high-bandwidth telephony networks and next generation, IP-based telephony
 services, such as voice, video and data.
     For those customers who require carrier grade Linux on Sun's ATCA blade
 platform, Sun is announcing support for MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition
 (CGE). Monta Vista is currently working on an optimized port of its Linux
 environment for Sun's ATCA blade platform and multi-core AMD Opteron
 processor-based blade server.
     "Network Equipment Providers are looking to MontaVista CGE as their Linux
 platform of choice for next generation infrastructure," said Peder Ulander,
 vice president of marketing at MontaVista Software. "We are very excited about
 Sun's decision to offer MontaVista Linux as their Linux option for its
 upcoming ATCA blade platform. Sun is recognized as a leader in carrier grade
 server platforms, and we look forward to working closely with Sun to deliver
 our Carrier Grade Edition tuned and optimized for Sun's new ATCA blade
     In addition to Sun's ATCA blade platform demonstration using the AMD
 Opteron processor, Sun will be demonstrating NTT COMWARE's next-generation SIP
 application server technology for IP-based "triple-play" services (voice,
 video and data) on Sun's Netra ATCA blade server and UltraSPARC
 processor-based ATCA blade running carrier-grade Solaris OS. These
 demonstrations will take place at Sun's booth, #1101 at VON in Boston,
 September 19-22.
     The combination of the UltraSPARC processor-based ATCA blade running the
 Solaris 10 OS, NTT COMWARE's best-in-breed SIP application server and NMS
 Communications' Open Access platform will uniquely enable high performance,
 highly available triple-play services for  emerging fixed mobile convergent
     "NTT COMWARE has been working very closely with Sun on our next-generation
 SIP application server  technology and we intend to deploy this technology on
 Sun's ATCA blade platform to enable triple-play services for our key service
 provider customers," said a senior vice president with NTT COMWARE.
 "Leveraging an open, standards-based computing platform like Sun's Netra ATCA
 blade platform will allow us the flexibility to rapidly deploy
 revenue-generating services that can easily adapt to evolving marketplace
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