Sun Microsystems Introduces New Open Desktop Client; 100-User Solution Ushers In New Era for Secure, Desktop Economics

SAN FRANCISCO, SunNetwork(SM) 2002 Conference and Pavilion, Sept. 18

Sep 18, 2002, 01:00 ET from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

/PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq:   SUNW) today
 announced a new client solution eliminating the expense of traditional
 desktops while significantly bolstering security and authentication.
     "We've been advocating the move to browser-based applications for the past
 six years -- we believe our customers are now ready to take that next step,"
 said Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president of Software, Sun
 Microsystems. "Combining world-class Java Card authentication with an open
 source desktop software stack and off-the-shelf hardware, we can deliver
 military-grade security with profound savings in acquisition and operational
 costs. The power, security and economics customers have long enjoyed through
 Sun's end-to-end architecture are finally coming to the PC desktop. We are
 disrupting traditional computing economics to benefit our customers while
 completing our client product line."
     Sun plans to extend its reach in the enterprise by initially focusing the
 new initiative on users in cost and security-sensitive areas such as
 call-centers, retail banks, and class-rooms where personal computers and their
 applications are generally underutilized, insecure and costly to administer.
 In these instances, a client is a computing device on which users handle basic
 tasks such as word processing and email as well as entering reservations or
 order entry.
     The new client desktop includes hardware, Java Card(TM) technology (the
 ability to authenticate access using a Java Card), a complete, open desktop
 software environment as well as a server for identity, portal and messaging
 capabilities. This approach breaks entirely new ground in the client-side
 solution category and disrupts the high-cost economics of the traditional
 enterprise desktop.
     The benefits for the enterprise are significant, with savings in
 acquisition, maintenance, administration and on-going operational support.
 This is combined with superior security, the absence of viruses and their
 associated costs, and an alternative to purchasing expensive Microsoft
 software. Sun will integrate, support and service the open source technologies
 that it assembles into the full solution.
     The new solution brings together off-the-shelf hardware, open-source
 software and Sun's own industry-leading intellectual property. These include
 low-cost desktop systems hardware and several open source software efforts,
 namely Linux, Mozilla, OpenOffice, Evolution and GNOME. This gives desktop
 users a familiar desktop environment and the ability to interoperate with
 Microsoft Office documents, presentations and spreadsheet formats. In
 addition, with Evolution, the user is provided with a Microsoft Outlook-like
 client which interoperates with Microsoft Exchange while Sun also provides the
 fully supported StarOffice, the world's most popular open office productivity
     "As the leading product lifecycle management (PLM) applications provider,
 Agile is able to offer our solutions on the integrated Linux desktop from Sun
 while strengthening our commitment to deliver on Agile's Guaranteed Business
 results strategy," comments Joe Hage, senior vice president of product
 development at Agile Software Corporation. "We are able to offer a fully
 integrated solution while continuing our proven track record of over
 850 successful implementations at manufacturing companies in the medical
 devices, high technology, semiconductor and automotive industries. Many of our
 customers require a high degree of security to protect their intellectual
 property and tracking to ensure regulatory compliance. Leveraging Sun's
 powerful identity and authentication capabilities, through Sun(TM) ONE
 Identity Server and Java Cards that Sun is incorporating into the platform,
 enables us to focus on delivering greater business value and improved product
 lifecycle management processes to our customers."
     "This system's approach to the network client marks another milestone in
 the company's edge computing strategy and was preceded by Sun's recent LX50
 server announcement," said Neil Knox, executive vice president of the Volume
 Systems Group, Sun Microsystems. "Today's announcement builds on Sun's Linux
 momentum with enterprise-class security and authentication as well as the
 essential communication, collaboration and desktop services users need in
 these targeted applications."
     With the ability to use Java Card technology for access and authentication
 to the system, customers can dramatically enhance the security of the upcoming
 desktop solution. As an open and proven technology Java Card solutions are
 currently deployed worldwide in industries such as financial services,
 government and telecommunications.
     The total system solution is expected to be available in 2003 with
 prototype systems available soon at Sun's worldwide iForce centers. "We want
 customers, ISVs, OEMs and channel partners to have the conversation with us
 about how much they can save and facilitate their migration to this much
 needed alternative environment," said Schwartz.
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