Sun Microsystems Moves Jini(TM) Network Technology Forward With Release of Jini Technology Starter Kit

Expands Developer Opportunities With New Features and Open Source License

CHICAGO, Ninth Jini Community(SM) Meeting, Oct. 19

Oct 19, 2005, 01:00 ET from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

/PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sun Microsystems, Inc., (Nasdaq:   SUNW), the creator
 and leading advocate of Java(TM) and Jini(TM) technologies, today announced
 the general availability of the Jini(TM) Technology Starter Kit v2.1. The
 starter kit is released under the Apache License version 2.0, built on
 standards developed in collaboration with the Jini Community and available on
 the Net at .
     The Jini Technology Starter Kit enables developers to leverage advanced
 Java dynamic networking technology, making it easier for developers to build
 competitive applications in technology growth markets such as edge networking,
 grid computing, e-business, and enterprise integration. "Using Jini technology
 has been a natural extension of our use of Java technology, especially remote
 method invocation (RMI)," said Jeff Betten, manager, Client Technology,
 Chicago Stock Exchange. "We welcome the enhancements introduced in the new
 starter kit as key stepping stones that will help us get even more from our
 investment in Java technology."
     "We are pleased to offer the newest version of the Jini Technology Starter
 Kit to developers at a time when dynamic distributed computing has become
 increasingly critical for business success," said Mark Hodapp, director, Jini
 Technology Program, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "As with Sun's other open source
 initiatives such as the OpenSolaris(TM) project, the starter kit supports
 developers by providing free access to Sun's latest Jini technology
     Jini technology enables Java dynamic networking for the creation of
 distributed systems that are highly adaptive to change. Some of the key
 capabilities that Jini technology enables are:
     -- self-healing and self-management
     -- simplified horizontal scaling
     -- improved systems availability
     -- enhanced systems flexibility
     -- lean, effective and low cost development and deployment
     More Value To Share
     The Jini Technology Starter Kit comes with feature enhancements, complies
 with Jini Community standards, and offers the benefits of an open source
 license. Feature Enhancements The new starter kit release continues to build
 on the strength of previous releases and adds:
     -- new JavaSpaces extensions that support many-to-many communications and
        batch operations,
     -- enhancements to simplify common Jini technology system deployment
        practices, such as configuration file additions, and support for
        multiple IP addresses, URL-based deployments and additional
        configuration file capabilities.
     These and other enhancements introduced in the starter kit are described
 in more detail at .
     Standards Compliance
     The starter kit implements the newly approved Jini Community standards
 which were developed with input and expertise from the Jini technology
 developer community.
     Licensed Under Open Source
     Available under the Apache License, version 2.0, the starter kit is now
 accessible to broader categories of developers. The license makes Jini
 technology easier to adopt, and also encourages use and additional technology
 contributions from the community.
     Frank Greco, Chairman of the NYJavaSIG adds, "Java developer communities
 like the New York Java Special Interest Group thrive on sharing and
 collaboration. Open source licensing fosters this cooperative environment.
 Sun's Jini Technology Starter Kit offered under the Apache License helps
 remove barriers to access and further fuels developers' interest in research
 and commercial efforts with Jini technology."
     Currently Jini technology-based solutions are deployed in significant
 technology growth markets such as edge networking, grid computing, e-business
 and enterprise integration. Companies like BOOMI, CDO2, Chicago Stock
 Exchange, GigaSpaces, Inca X, NEDAP, Orbitz, Paremus, Rubean, Sun, Valaran,
 Valen Technologies and VCampus leverage Jini technology to gain and maintain a
 competitive edge in their respective markets.
     The announcement was made today at the Ninth Jini Community Meeting in
 Chicago, a two-day event that brings together developers sharing an interest
 in Jini technology and its power to build dynamic, adaptive systems. Find more
 about what's happening at the Ninth Jini Community Meeting by visiting .
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     About The Jini Community
     The Jini Community comprises a wide range of members, including
 individuals, companies, organizations, and schools, who share and collaborate
 through Jini technology-focused development projects, discussion lists, and
 events. To learn more about the Jini Community and become involved visit .
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