Sun Microsystems Open Sources Key Java Enterprise Technologies

Sun to Include Open Source Application Server In Solaris Operating System

SAN FRANCISCO, JavaOne(SM) Developer Conference, June 27

Jun 27, 2005, 01:00 ET from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

/PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq:   SUNW), founder and
 leading advocate for Java(TM) technology, today took the next step in
 sustaining Java growth and promoting community participation by open sourcing
 key Java Enterprise technologies. Announced at the 10th annual JavaOne
 Developer Conference, Sun is further defining its commitment to the open
 source community by releasing code for the popular Java System Application
 Server Platform Edition 9.0 and Java System Enterprise Server Bus.
     "Sun is bringing innovation from the source of Java and providing the
 benchmark of Java Enterprise Edition compatibility to customers that have been
 asking for an open version of a Java application server that's robust enough
 for commercial deployment," said John Loiacono, Sun's executive vice president
 of Software Group. "By open sourcing these Java technologies and the
 Solaris(TM) Operating System, Sun is leading the industry to dramatically
 increase community participation as well as drive greater economic growth and
 social progress for everyone. The inclusion of Sun's application server and
 directory engine lays the foundation for the continued evolution of a complete
 Java Enterprise System platform."
     Sun is sharing the source code for the Java System Application Server
 Platform Edition 9.0 as well as the Java System Enterprise Server Bus (Java
 ESB), under the OSI-approved CDDL license that is also being used for Sun's
 OpenSolaris project.
     Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9.0 is the benchmark for
 compatibility in Java Enterprise environments. Based on the latest Java
 Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 reference implementation, Java System
 Application Server Platform Edition 9.0 will deliver greater ease of
 development and significantly enhanced support for web services and Service
 Oriented Architectures (SOAs).
     The open sourcing of Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9.0
 is designed to encourage developers across the Java ecosystem to review and
 contribute to the creation of the open source application server to more
 rapidly advance the development of a Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5
 compliant implementation. Developers can view the latest daily updates,
 contribute to fixes and features, and participate in discussions at .
     Sun's recently released Solaris 10 Operating System includes Java System
 Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 for running enterprise Java
 applications on Solaris 10. The company today disclosed its plans to include
 the new Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9.0 with Solaris 10 in
 an upcoming release.
     Sun is also introducing the Java ESB, the first fully open sourced
 enterprise service bus implementation based on the Java Business Integration
 (JBI) specification (JSR 208) and reference implementation. Sun's Java ESB
 will increase business agility and reduce cost of integration through an open
 integration framework for Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs), to enable
 customers to more rapidly implement open SOA applications.
     Through the community development project, Java Open Enterprise Service
 Bus (Open ESB), hosted on, Sun will share this exciting new
 technology with the industry in order to speed innovation around ESBs and to
 encourage developer adoption. Built on the JBI Reference Implementation, the
 Open ESB project leverages the pluggable architecture of JBI and extends the
 JBI Reference Implementation with a core set of enterprise service bus
     In addition, in an effort to stimulate development of applications that
 leverage presence-awareness and real-time communication, Sun is donating
 135,000 lines of collaboration-focused infrastructure source code from its Sun
 Java System Instant Messaging and Sun Java Studio Enterprise products for use
 by the entire open source community on This project is designed
 to increase productivity by enabling Java developers to dynamically work
 together whether they are in the same office, different buildings or around
 the world.
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