Sun Pioneers Shift to Free and Open Source Software; Builds on Success of Solaris by Announcing Java Enterprise System, Developer Tools and N1 Software Are Available at No Cost

Combines Middleware, Tools and Management Components With Solaris to Create

Consolidated, Multi-Platform Software Environment

Nov 30, 2005, 00:00 ET from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    MENLO PARK, Calif., Nov. 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sun Microsystems,
 Inc. (Nasdaq:   SUNW) today announced two landmark moves in the battle to create
 the software platform of choice for the next-generation of the Internet.
 First, having seen tremendous momentum with the Solaris(TM) Operating System
 (OS) as free and open source software, Sun is making the Java(TM) Enterprise
 System, Sun N1(TM) Management software and Sun developer tools available at no
 cost for both development and deployment and further, is reaffirming its
 commitment to open source this software. Second, Sun is announcing that it is
 integrating all of this software along with the Solaris OS into the Solaris
 Enterprise System, the only comprehensive and open infrastructure software
 platform available today.
     With this announcement, Sun is creating the no cost and open alternative
 to the Windows environment. The Solaris Enterprise System has all of the
 benefits of an integrated offering while still enabling customers the
 flexibility to address their requirements by deploying the specific components
 they need into alternative operating systems. In addition to being combined
 under a single distribution with the Solaris Enterprise System, the Sun Java
 Enterprise System and the Sun developer tools can be used at no cost on other
 existing multi-platform environments including Windows, HP-UX and Linux.
     Sun is also demonstrating its commitment to the developer community and to
 the success of Sun's customers by working with its extensive partner ecosystem
 to continue to deliver a full-set of advanced and superior support services.
 The single, no cost distribution allows developers and customers a risk-free
 way to get unencumbered access to truly business-critical infrastructure
 software and then engage with Sun at a point in the life-cycle when they need
 access to development and deployment services. This significantly lowers their
 risk of adoption and enables a dramatic increase in the number of companies
 and individuals who can obtain a complete, integrated portfolio of enterprise-
 class software.
     "With more than 3.4M Solaris licenses and nearly one million Java
 Enterprise System subscribers, customers and developers around the world have
 asked us to take the next logical step -- combining the world's fastest
 growing open source operating system with the world's most complete and ready
 to deploy infrastructure software platform," said Jonathan Schwartz, President
 and COO of Sun. "100% of our customers are deploying web infrastructures and
 asking for relief from onerous licenses and system integration activity. With
 our announced intent to open source the entirety of our software offerings,
 every single developer across the world now has access to the most
 sophisticated platform available for web 1.0, 2.0 and beyond."
     Included at no cost in the new Solaris Enterprise System are:
     * The award winning and open sourced Solaris 10 OS, with the recently
 announced PostgreSQL database;
     * The entire Sun Java Enterprise System infrastructure software platform,
 including the Sun Java(TM) Identity Management Suite, Sun Java(TM) Integration
 Suite, Sun Java(TM) Communications Suite, Sun Java(TM) Application Platform
 Suite, Sun Java(TM) Availability Suite and Sun Java(TM) Web Infrastructure
     * The N1 Management Software including the Sun N1(TM) System Manager, the
 Sun N1(TM) Service Provisioning System, the Sun N1(TM) Grid Engine;
     * All tools for C, C++ and Java development, including Sun Studio 11, Sun
 Java(TM) Studio Enterprise 8 and Sun Java(TM) Studio Creator;
     * SunRay(TM) Server software;
     * Sun(TM) Secure Global Desktop Software.
     Sun is offering a risk-free opportunity to explore, develop and deploy on
 Sun's pre-tested and pre-integrated software platform. This is a complete
 platform which incorporates Sun's existing and recently acquired technology,
 including its market-leading identity management products, Service-Oriented
 Architecture (SOA)-based integration and composite application products from
 Sun's recent acquisition of SeeBeyond, and the remote secure display
 capabilities from Sun's acquisition of Tarantella.
     Sun is also rolling out a vast number of new, complementary services that
 span from early developer training and education to sophisticated remote and
 managed services to automate processes that are currently manually
 accomplished. Sun's new Customer Network Services can provide administrators
 and developers with automated support for operations management, including
 patches, upgrades, updates and warranty, without the high-costs associated
 with professional services.
     Sun has committed to open sourcing its entire software portfolio using
 industry-standard open source licensing models to allow customers to have easy
 and broad access to all of its source code. Many of the components of Sun's
 integrated platform are already available as open source, including the
 Solaris OS, the Sun Java(TM) Application Server, the NetBeans(TM) software
 tools, and several key underlying services like single sign-on capabilities
 and the ability to connect multiple, independent applications in a standard
 way. This is a trend where Sun continues to be a pioneer.
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