Sun Recasts Java Licensing for GNU/Linux and OpenSolaris Communities

Historic Collaboration Makes Java Technology Broadly Available on Leading

Open Source Platforms

May 16, 2006, 01:00 ET from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    SAN FRANCISCO, JAVAONE(SM) CONFERENCE, May 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
 Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq:   SUNW), the creator and leading advocate of
 Java(TM) technology, today announced that Java Platform, Standard Edition
 (Java SE) 5 is now available for redistribution by GNU/Linux and
 OpenSolaris(SM) operating system distributors under the new Operating
 System Distributor's License for Java (also known as the "Distro License
 for Java" or DLJ).
     Developed in consultation with, and for use by, the various GNU/Linux
 communities, the new license allows distributors to ship Sun's Java SE 5.0
 Java Development Kit (JDK(TM)) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE(TM)) as
 installable packages for their operating systems.
     The open source development community is demonstrating enthusiastic
 support of this announcement. Several project teams are expected to
 announce plans to redistribute the JDK, packaged for use with their
 operating systems, including the Ubuntu, Gentoo and Debian distributions of
 GNU/Linux, NexentaOS, a hybrid operating system with an OpenSolaris kernel
 and GNU applications and both the Schillix and BeleniX versions of
 OpenSolaris. These popular open source distributions will help make the
 Java platform a foundation of innovation for open source development.
     "This new license shows that Sun and the Java technology world care
 about GNU/Linux and open source platforms and are willing to put aside
 philosophical differences and get down to business," said Mark
 Shuttleworth, founder and sponsor of the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution, the
 most-downloaded GNU/Linux in the world for the last eight months. "This
 eliminates one of the biggest roadblocks to wider use of the Java platform
 on free and open source operating system platforms and makes Java
 technology a more attractive foundation on which to build new projects and
     "We are really pleased to see Sun's increasing involvement in the free
 software community, from the opening of the Solaris(TM) Operating System
 source and now the re-licensing of Java technology to be compatible with
 GNU/Linux distributions, and are looking forward to building stronger ties
 with the Sun community in the future", said Anthony Towns, Debian Project
     Sun is also opening a new community project on
 ( to serve as a clearinghouse of
 information and best practices for delivering compatibly packaged JDK
 bundles on GNU/Linux and OpenSolaris.
     The DLJ leaves communities free to define the packaging, installation
 and support for the JDK within their distribution, creating new
 opportunities to add value for both developers and users, while maintaining
 Java's "write once, run anywhere" compatibility promise. One well-known
 effort to repackage Sun's JDK for GNU/Linux distributions, the Blackdown
 Project (, has generously agreed to join the new
 jdk-distros project on and contribute their Debian packaging code
 to this initiative.
     More info on Ubuntu (, Debian GNU/Linux
 (, Gentoo Linux (, NexentaOS
 ( and OpenSolaris (,
 Schillix ( and BeleniX (
     For more information on the DLJ please visit the jdk-distros project at
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