Superhero Chicken Emerges in Fight Against Avian Influenza

Jan 10, 2007, 00:00 ET from Academy for Educational Development

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Super Kai! Super Moan!
 In any language, the fight against avian influenza is spreading through
 Southeast Asia through a new invincible character -- Super Chicken(R), as
 he is known to English-speakers.
     The Academy for Educational Development (AED), which leads an avian
 influenza awareness campaign in Southeast Asia for the U.S. Agency for
 International Development, introduced the unlikely spokesperson in November
 of 2006 at national water festivals in Laos and Cambodia.
     Originally developed in Cambodia during an AED workshop with government
 officials, "Super Moan," as he is known there, is a broad-breasted rooster
 with a familiar red cape and strong opinions about healthy behaviors. The
 rooster first appeared in public service announcements, on posters, and in
 booklets where he demonstrated the "hows" to preventing the avian influenza
 virus from appearing and spreading.
     From there, the Super Chicken image was adapted in Laos with a slightly
 different look. Part chicken and part human, "Super Kai" serves as a
 credible source of good behaviors and best practices to stop the spread of
 the bird flu virus. Somewhat bossy in temperament, he travels on motorcycle
 or boat to help farmers and communities prevent bird flu outbreaks.
     "Our surveys among backyard farmers and their communities showed that
 there was both a need and a desire to have more information on specific
 steps to take to prevent outbreaks of bird flu," said Mark Rasmuson,
 director of the AED Center for Global Health Communication and Marketing.
 "Super Chicken fills that need in a fun yet educational way."
     "Super Kai" and "Super Moan" have also appeared in documentaries, on
 stage with street theater, and at recent water festivals and other events.
 They will continue to appear in community-based activities and events in
 both Cambodia and Laos. To watch the TV ads, starring Super Chicken(R), and
 see other communication materials on avian influenza, visit
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