Survey Says: Half of Today's Singles Have Used a Dating Service

September 19-25 is National Singles Week. 52% of Women and 48% of Men in the

United States Have Used a Dating Service Compared to Only 8% a Decade Ago.

Sep 24, 2004, 01:00 ET from It's Just Lunch

    DENVER, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Just a decade ago, only 8% of U.S.
 singles stated that they had ever used a dating service.  Times have changed.
 Today's singles are taking more proactive steps to improve their dating lives.
 According to a recent study of 3,968 singles, 48% of men and 52% of women have
 used a dating service to increase their odds of meeting someone.
     The study was conducted by It's Just Lunch, a professional dating service
 that studies the behaviors and attitudes of single people.  Leslie Lessig,
 President and Director of It's Just Lunch in Denver, said, "Denver has a high
 number of attractive, educated singles -- this town has every reason to
 celebrate National Singles Week!"
     How important is money?  The study found that women do care how much money
 their partner makes.  88% of women said that money is very important in a
 relationship.  On the other hand, 46% of men say it doesn't matter how much
 money their partner makes.  Both sexes agree on one thing: 63% of men and 67%
 of women believe that a relationship is more important than a career.
     Do dating and politics go together?  65% of men and 60% of women don't
 talk politics until after the third date.  Denver men are different -- 53% of
 men in Denver will talk politics on the first date.
     How far will singles go to be attractive?  Singles, particularly men, are
 taking proactive steps to improve their dating lives.  63% of men have joined
 a gym to increase their odds of meeting someone.  37% of women joined a gym
 and 36% have gone on a diet to improve their dating life.  Only 3% of women
 have resorted to plastic surgery to attract that someone special.
     When does a couple become exclusive?  70% of men and 82% of women agree
 that a couple is not in an exclusive relationship unless it is has been
 discussed by both parties; however, 21% of men believe that this occurs in
 fewer than four dates.
     Are people judgmental on first dates?  Apparently, men are quick to judge.
 68% of men will not go on a second date if there was no chemistry.  Women are
 more willing to give it a second chance.  56% of women will go on a second
 date and hope that the chemistry improves.
     How soon do dating couples introduce each other to their parents?  Men
 bring their dates home to mom earlier.  On average, 47% of men will introduce
 a date to the family after five dates.  Women are more cautious -- 74% of
 women will wait until after at least 10 dates.
     How soon do dating couples introduce each other to their friends?  Men are
 quick to introduce a date to their friends.  73% of men, but only 11% of
 women, said they would introduce a date to their friends in less than four
 dates.  On average, 48% of women will wait until the seventh date to introduce
 a date to their friends.
     There are currently over 110 million singles in the United States.  The
 dating industry is estimated at nearly $1.5 billion and is growing at 25%
 annually.  It's Just Lunch recognizes National Singles week, September 19-25,
 2004.  "It's Just Lunch has been keeping its finger on the pulse of single
 professionals throughout the country for 14 years," said Andrea McGinty, It's
 Just Lunch founder.  "We've found that single professional men and women are
 interested in finding someone special and they are broadening their resources
 to make it happen."
     About It's Just Lunch
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 where singles can feel comfortable with the process of meeting a new person.
 With 65 locations worldwide, each day It's Just Lunch arranges hundreds of fun
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SOURCE It's Just Lunch