'Surviving General Motors': Former Employee Describes Harassment at GM, Corruption of Legal System in New Book

May 01, 2007, 01:00 ET from AuthorHouse

    WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich., May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Americans expect to
 receive basic rights, equality and freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights
 and protected by the U.S. legal system. In her new book, "Surviving General
 Motors with Multiple Sclerosis: Questions of Conscience, Morality and
 Leadership" (now available through AuthorHouse), Zohar McMillan details the
 legal battle that ensued when she believed these basic rights were violated
 during her employment at a General Motors Corp. plant.
     For years, McMillan was a dedicated GM employee; she loved her job as a
 journeyman electrician. Her experience changed drastically, however, when
 she was reassigned to the Pontiac Assembly Center. McMillan recalls
 disturbing details of what she claims was unrelenting harassment by
 co-workers and superiors alike. Included in her list of allegations are
 discrimination due to her Multiple Sclerosis, denial of proper safety
 rights and medical attention, threats of physical violence by a general
 foreman, extremely disturbing racial slurs and gender-based insults.
     Taking legal action, McMillan brought the case before a circuit court
 in order to bring the trial before a jury, but the judge ruled in favor of
 GM. "After receiving the judge's written opinion, I went into shock,"
 McMillan says. She decided to appeal. She supplied her attorney with
 incidences from journals she kept and a right to sue letter issued by the
 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
     McMillan hopes the experiences chronicled in "Surviving General Motors
 with Multiple Sclerosis" will shed light on the injustices that still occur
 in the workplace. "We have a constitution which all Americans are to abide
 by, including corporations ... ," she says. "We need to reclaim our
     Michigan, the heart of the automobile industry, has been home to
 McMillan her entire life. A true survivor, she was diagnosed with Multiple
 Sclerosis 12 years ago. "Surviving General Motors with Multiple Sclerosis"
 is her first book. Visit http://www.survivinggmwithms.com for more
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