SWiK, the Popular Online Community for Open Source Projects, Shows Significant Traffic Gains

SWiK Designer, Alex Bosworth of SourceLabs, Shares Usage Patterns and

Highlights 'Best of SWiK' Projects

Jan 24, 2006, 00:00 ET from SourceLabs

    SEATTLE, Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- SourceLabs, a Seattle-based provider of
 Dependable Open Source Systems and premium support and maintenance
 subscriptions for enterprise IT organizations, today announced that SWiK
 (www.swik.net), its community-based catalog of open source projects, continues
 to experience strong momentum with month-over-month traffic tripling in
 November 2005 and then doubling again in December 2005.  Interested parties
 can see this dramatic gain of over 500% in the last three months by viewing a
 graph of SWiK's Alexa Internet traffic ranking at:
 http://www.sourcelabs.com/?page=company&sub=swikstats .
     According to SourceLabs program manager Alex Bosworth, the creator and
 designer of SWiK, the top five things people are using SWiK for are:
     -- Finding Open Source projects related to something they are working on.
     -- Finding news about a project by reading developer blogs.
     -- Collaborating on developer documentation.
     -- Publicizing their Open Source projects.
     -- Viewing the newest information on a category of Open Source projects.
     "SWiK community members are the driving force behind SWiK's success," said
 Bosworth. "I am watching with amazement as I see the interesting and creative
 things people are doing in SWiK.  It has become a very lively and vital Open
 Source community."
     Alex Bosworth's Top Picks on SWiK
     Bosworth recently selected his top three picks of projects that are
 shining examples of what users can do in SWiK and they are:
     -- LiveMarks for the way it shows how SWiK can be used to find existing
        Open Source projects and remix them into cool new Open Source projects.
        Also for the way it shows off the blogging capabilities of SWiK with
        the LiveMarks news blog.
     -- Rails for the way it shows off the ability of SWiK to aggregate various
        developer feeds using a project.  And for the way it shows the latest
        news and helpful information about using the project.
     -- MythDora for the way it shows the wide scope of SWiK.  Small but active
        projects are a big part of what makes SWiK what it is.  MythDora also
        shows how it fits into the larger world of projects.  By being tagged,
        it can be found on http://swik.net/MythTV+Fedora-Core , the tag page
        that combines projects that are tagged "MythTV" and "Fedora-Core."
        MythDora also shows off other similar projects, even on a small scale,
        such as Knoppix.
     SWiK users have the opportunity to nominate "Best of SWiK" projects in the
 community at:  http://swik.net/SWiK/Best+of+SWiK .  SourceLabs also recently
 introduced a new SWiK interface and the new Zeitgeist feature which shows the
 most edited projects, most recently added projects and "Prolific Editors."
     SourceLabs provides SWiK as a service to promote the use and adoption of
 Open Source software.  A unique attribute of SWiK is its wiki functionality,
 which allows anyone to edit or re-structure information or add comments.  It
 also offers RSS syndication and tagging tools to create an intuitive and
 useful online community to help users find, discover and exchange information
 about Open Source projects.
     About SourceLabs
     SourceLabs, based in Seattle, Washington, provides the complete set of
 software integration, testing, support and maintenance services required to
 deliver dependable open source systems. The company's Dependable Open Source
 Systems vision proposes a new model for the software industry, one that frees
 software buyers from proprietary lock-in while delivering highly reliable
 software and support.  For more information, please go to www.sourcelabs.com.
     NOTE:  SourceLabs is a trademark of SourceLabs Inc.  All other trademarks
 and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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